8K + Review from Japan

My native language is not English.
I’m sorry if there is a mistake in my English.

I mostly use VR headsets for iracing.
Please understand that performance in other games is not known.

HMD body.
The body has a blue coating and is more luxurious than 5K +.
The newly designed face pad is very good.
However, the newly designed face pad and new side fittings make DAS installation difficult. (Attachable)
Also, the base of the face pad is made of hard plastic, so I will not be able to use the prescription lens adapter I created earlier.
I need to create a new prescription lens adapter.

Setup is very easy.
No setup is required for taking over from 5K +.
If you connect USB and DP to PC and turn on the power, pitool recognizes 8k + and can use it.

There is almost no SDE!
If I look closely, I can see a few SDEs, but they do not disturb the immersion.
8K + images have almost the same beauty as monitors!

And surprisingly, 8k + is not a GPU killer.
I can get smooth and beautiful images with the same graphic settings as 5K +.

I have an RTX2080. (Not ti, not super)
You will not buy 2080ti or 3080. LOL

i5 9600K
16Gb RAM

pitool (249) 1.0
PP off
SS off
Normal FOV

Steam SS144% (3074 × 2279)


As a simracer only, this is great to hear! Glad to see report of SDE gone for racing are true. I have a 8KX on preorder. With the higher native res, I should not need supersampling in steam thus the performance should actually be very close. I’ll report back my AC, rfactor2 and iracing findings once I have it. I have a 5k+ currently and even with PiTools 1.0 and Steam SS 140% the SDE is certainly there esp when looking down the track for reference points.

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So the comfort kit makes the prescription adapter not compatible. Hope you create a new one and upload it.

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Thanks for the review, I’m an iRacer too and am expecting an 8k+ next week. I really like the 5k+ FOV and think the reduction in SDE will make a big difference.

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I also like 5k + very much. But 8K + is a big step forward. Tracks that reflect the sun, spots on the walls ,beautiful cars … just like reality.
Enjoy the wonderful Sim Race life!


Ooh, I wonder if I’ll get my 8kX soon then :smiley:


I don’t think Pimax has started bulk production on the 8KX yet. I’m speculating that it will be April or May, before we will start to receive our headsets.


Thanks, nice to hear!

Try june or july…

I like April May better :worried::+1:
But they have to get 500 out to backers first . The poor buggers have already waited over 2 years .


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