8k (non plus, non X) 80Hz issues

I just unpacked my ol’ 8k including the handtracker to give it another spin, hoping an issue with 80Hz would have been resolved after a couple of firmwares by now. unfortunately it is not.

When running in 80Hz I have a strange “follow up double vision” while moving my head with anything that is black or white. it is on each eye, so even with one eye closed. It’s like borders of objects start to shift when moving my head and merge after half a second when holding still. At 72 or 64 Hz everthing is fine though.
The problem is “global” I guess, Pimax Enviroment, Pimax Experience, Steam VR
But as the 8k’s refresh rate is already low, I’d very much would like to get at least the 80Hz without issues.

I been using my G2 for a long time now but there is some stuff that could be still fun on a pimax. I’d really like to get rid of that issue, any ideas?

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this nearly 6 years old panels are simply not fast enough for all situations, i think

Not true this was a bug introduced in one of the firmware updates. Earlier FW didn’t have this bug


As you have an 8k as well, do you have a similar problem? Unfortunately I did not get any response from the team back then. Seems like they do not take care of any 8k related issues including their owner. Not sure if they even check their new firmwares on those devices.
But with the handtracker I need those newer firmwares, so there is no point in flashing back centuries in order to get a firmware without those problems.

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ok, then it must have gotten stronger after my time. I used to have a little ghosting at 80Hz.
With the 8k+, however, I found it more worse at 110Hz than the 80 on the old 8k.

But it’s all been so long now…

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I‘m not sure if this is ghosting, although the term would fit quite well. The shift is about 30-40% of the object, so quite prominent.
I find it strange though that 8Hz difference result in something like that.
let’s hope @PimaxQuorra may help.

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Ohh, thats strange. :flushed: I haven’t experienced anything like that. There it was probably 1-2% (maybe 3-5pix) Yes, then looks more like a software bug that was introduced after I sold the 8k.

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I did speak to @Alex.liu back then iirc it was when they first re enabled backlight control. I haven’t used my 8k in awhile.

Maybe @PimaxQuorra can press them about this bug. However lately they have been very slow to address bugs.

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Yes I recall folks reporting similar issue on 8k+

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Hello Noro,

Which Pitool and FW you’ve installed?

We suggested the 8K running the earlier FW version before 273V released.
I recommend you file this issue with Yvette, our tech specialist, as she was aware of this issue, I’ve informed her earlier, might schedule a remote session for ya.


I need to check when I‘m back home,
but it‘s latest pitool provided on the page +
lastest firmware as they tend to be applied as soon as pitool ist installed and the headset is connected. btw. for procedures like that I‘d suggest a popup to ask in advance whether or not to proceed with the update.

I would not consider a far older FW as a fix for my issue as it may render the hand tracker probably useless since it was supported after the FWs with issues on the 8k.

I‘d apreciate a 1on1 if there is any honest room for a potential fix, which is very likely not on my PC end but on the FW itself.

I‘d also regret if it turns out that 8ks would be fully neglected in any FWs.


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