8K New Prototype Updates

Hi, here are some updates about 8K:

8K New Tech Specs:


Sep, 2017




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Compatability with steam vr base stations and controllers is an excelent feature!

Can you please confirm which models will be available?

8K 2x4K LCD?

5K 2X 2.5K OLED?

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We will have 8K and 5K.
We use upgraded displays, which is tested to deliver the best visual. The issues with 4K have gone. There is no ghosting, better brightness on the new models.


That is good development. Great news

Will we see another prototype before kickstater?

We would like to see the head strap and IPD adjustment???

Could you post pictures/ videos of the final prototype in your office?

i did not see a mention of integrated microphone? has that been left of the design?

wait a sec… I’ll post a video about the new prototype. It’s not unveiled online yet.


I have a suggestion for you guys, because for the love of god I want you guys to succeed.

In the event that your kickstarter is not successful, please add these features above (DP 1.4, Vive base stations,) to your 4k HMD.

If you can get your 4k to have roomscale, native resolution, and positional tracking, your revenue stream will not need to rely on Gofundme or Kickstarter for later units like the 5k or 8k.

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here you go: 8k extendable module - YouTube


Look foward to seeing it


If the new Pimax 8K can work with HTC Vive base station you will be very successful!

People who own HTC Vive hate SDE and will be able to upgrade headset only to 8K and keep Vive tracking and controllers. This is very important because you can concentrate your development producing the BEST headset not controller

Pimax 8k + Valve knuckle controller would be the best combination!

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Jesus Christ lol that’s cool guys. I think you guys would honestly fair better if you just forgo kick starter and just add some of these features to your Pimax 4k to build up revenue and brand.

There was a great HMD called the Expanse Virtual Cinema that had a great approach to optics, but they were not prepared for Kickstarter, and how fickle customers can be.

You guys are already producing the 4k at scale. If you already have a display port capable driver board, and full lighthouse support, augmenting the 4k will be less complicated for you as a business. Even if your panel has insufficient lanes for full 4k, displayport will allow your compression technology in the 4k to work properly for full 4k support.


I got you.:wink:

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many thanks. i will watch it when home…im on train right now and want to do it justice on a larger screen than my phone

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I share your information and videos on the site www.etr.fr in order to advertise you. So continue to regularly communicate your latest updates and share videos of the pimax 8k.


Wow, with all those possible attachments, the 8K becomes super customisable!
Are all mods made by Pimax or is it open for other manufacturers? Really impressive.

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good video… had to watch it 4 times as the text on screen was way too fast while i was watching attachments/add ons.

still didn’t see a integrated mic in the video? i am going to have to use a gaming headset for my voice attack and game chat with friends if its not there :frowning:


@deletedpimaxrep1 seems to me
that the pictures do not display reliable information, since the human
eye can see no more than 180-186 degrees with lateral vision.

Davobkk Don’t ypu mean Valve’s base Stations. Lol

The Laser tracking the 8k is using i believe is based on valve’s opensourcing their tracking system.

They would need to release a revised 4k to implement DP & for diy types maybe an update ic board.

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You are right, our eyes can only see a limited scope, but peripheral vision of human beings is also important for immersion.

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There are no plans to increase binocular overlap? It seems they are getting ready to go to market without addressing the crippling critique of roadtovr. I hope someone with better English skills than their marketers read that review.