8K headsets for free as referral gifts

The East World VR Park is looking for equipment suppliers. The park would like to know the taste of the awesome Pimax Community. e.g. what ride you want to play in the park, and the name of the suppliers you recommend.

Pimax team will collect all your wishes and recommend the suppliers to the VR Park.

If the VR Park establishes a new partnership (current partnerships don’t count) with the supplier you nominated, VR Park will provide you a Pimax 8K headset FOR FREE as a thank-you gift (10 headsets in total to giveaway).


  • Please leave your nomination in the comments below. We will collect data from Pimax forum, Pimax 8K private fb group, Pimax fb fan page and twitter.

  • If multiple people recommended the same supplier, VR Park will give the headset to the FIRST people who left the name of the supplier in the comments.


  • List the names of the suppliers as fast as you can.

  • VR Park is looking for all different types of suppliers, including but not limited to:

  1. Zero Latency Is The Future Of Immersive Gaming - YouTube
  2. World's First Ever 3D Hologram Live Performance in Real-Time - John Fossey / FosseyTango - YouTube
  3. The Best Home VR Racing Simulator You Can Buy? - Carfection - YouTube
  4. Finger Coaster - YouTube

Quick facts about The East World VR Park:

  • Enhanced VR experience with #Pimax8K - Pimax will provide hardware;
  • Expected to introduce 30 VR projects, e.g. VR Park
    VR Cinema, VR Dark Ride, VR Multiplayer Battle, VR Bumper Cars, VR Classroom, VR Kids’ Paradise. etc.;
  • 10,000 square meters in the International Expo Center, Nanchang city;
  • Supported by the Chinese government.


Personally i think Croteam’s Serious sam the last hope might be really good since they had this minigun #EGX2016 Serious Sam VR minigun! - YouTube

Seeing as serious sam the last hope is by far the best wave shooter to just jump into with fantastic levels and boss fights on all areas chosen meaning perfect for limited playtime.


I recommend StrikerVr/Haptech for gun controllers,
Optitrack for warehouse scale tracking and Cablerobot for sitting simulations.

Competetive/Multiplayer VR arcade installation

Can I try Tower Tag before buying licenses?
Yes, you can. We will provide demo keys soon.

Contact to get license.

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Yes serious sam is indeed a superb immersive vr game!

I personnaly would love to see a spaceship/aircraft simulator. Like this one though it is in prototyping stage at the moment:

I’d say HaptX could be interesting for family and kids section. A very accurate and detailed micro-pneumatic haptics glove.
They say that they are aiming to get a full body suit in the future.

I would like to see Audioshield or Superhot.
Two great games which are perfect for short sessions.
They are fun, they are easy to learn and they work with a high score system.

ZephVR ZephVR Virtual Reality Wind Simulation Accessory Successfully Funded - Geeky Gadgets
in combination with with Sprint Vector will be for sure an absolutely amazing experience.

One last suggestion: VirZoom could be pretty impressive with the right game.

I would highly recommend Sparc by CCP for a VR game to be enjoyed with friends.


They should partner with The VOID.

Omnidirectinal treadmills are really great for non-seated VR to enhance immersion.
I know two products which are the Virtuix Omni and the Cyberith Virtualizer.

Katwalk is far better. I have use it, but still, I did not like it.

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your information, the event end time at 18:00pm 8th Dec (Beijing time).

Thank you very much

Best wishes,


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Given the size of the park, any wireless VR solution would be beneficial.
Aside from TPCAST there are other options, like Nitero, KwikVR, DisplayLink XR, Quark VR and Immersive Robotics.

They all have claim different strengths and weaknesses, so they would have to test and compare them for the purpose.
Immersive Robotics claims it can do 4k per eye, so they could be ideal for the Pimax 8k X. Their solution is an IP for 3rd party products.


For specialized experiences Polhemus has a very accurate finger tracking Technology, that could enable fine interactions in VR. They have several videos of it in action.

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RotoVr chair and accessories http://www.rotovr.com/roto-vr-accessories
Hardlight VR suit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/morgansinko/hardlight-vr-suit-dont-just-play-the-game-feel-it

The SimExperience stage 5 racing sim. Its 5k fully decked out, but for use with VR HMDs, you could probably save some money.

Add Hotas and you could use with flight sims as well. (Multi purpise.)

The Ultimate Driving Simulator | Imagine getting this for Christmas... | By DRIVETRIBE | Facebook (here is another simulator.)

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