8K GPU upgrade?: Nvidia controlling reviewers (Article)

For 8K backers expecting big performance increase over the 1080Ti, think again. Nvidia know RTX 2080 is only around 5% faster than 1080TI and want to control the online narrative it seems of upcoming reviews to maximise sales from clueless fanboys and people desperate for more GPU power- 8K-X backers like myself.

It also now makes sense why NDA doesn’t end until pre orders have been sent out. The reality is 2080 RTX (without Ray Tracing) is only marginally better than 1080 TI and not worth the upgrade until the cat is out the bag and prices drop as 1080 TI prices on the used market stabilise and don’t keep dropping!

For 8K backers, definitely now worth waiting for independent non Nvidia controlled reviews to come out on RTX 2080 TI. Especially as a top of the line AIB card is almost $2000 in UK or nearly $4000 in SLI. Madness, especially as 7nm RTX refresh in 2019 (If AMD 7nm Navi enthusiast cars launches in Q4 2019 ) is inevitable.

Quote from article:

“First and foremost, NVIDIA has demanded that its AIBs tell NVIDIA who will be reviewing the AIB’s custom RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti cards. We were forwarded emails from other reviewers, from the AIBs that were asking specifically, at NVIDIA’s direction, “Who will be performing the review content?” “What is that person’s phone number and email address?” That is a bit odd, as we have never seen this before in 20 years of reviewing video cards.”

Source: https://m.hardocp.com/article/2018/08/28/nvidia_controls_aib_launch_driver_distribution/

Pretty interesting. As is the fact, the NEW RTX 2080 OC is behind the OLD GTX 1080 Ti OC in Timespy, in a card said to be “re-inventing graphics”.

Source: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-8700K Processor,Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z370 AORUS Gaming 7?

And simply criticising a pro NVIDIA article outside the US control of telling the public to “just buy it” before independent reviews (2080 series) as a website owner, gets you banned for 100 years for replying to a post hyping up the 2080 series. (Read 2nd post in thread linked below).

Source: *UPDATED 9/5/2018* Tom's Hardware's Editor in Chief's Controversial RTX Article - Tech News - Linus Tech Tips


You are comparing a 2080 non Ti to a 1080 Ti and think that being faster than it is a bad thing O.o


Here is an article done 4 hours ago.

Basically, Tom Peterson has gone public saying the 20 series will be between 35 and 45% faster than their counterpart Pascal card.


The problem with that comparison is that, even though its a bit faster, the MSRP is the same as the 1080Ti which essentially makes it an almost pointless upgrade (assuming you aren’t coming from some previous generation cards before the 10 series). Even if you are coming from an older card you might as well just upgrade to the 1080Ti since those can be had for far less than the 2080 right now due to the currently inflated prices. The only card that seemingly has any significant performance gains over the last generation is the 2080Ti and unfortunately that’s a hard sell at $1200.

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Yeah the pricing is really bad, everybody agrees on that.

There are other things that may make the 20 series better than the 10 series though. Another article (same site as above) states high res VR will be 2 x faster on the new cards compared to pascal which if true will be very important for the 8K HMD.

But yeah, that cost :frowning:

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The pricing is so high i bet you still get a new one as soon as real reviews are out in late September.


So far the only thing which is sure is the price. The rest are just speculations. So far everyone is waiting for the benchmarks from independent reviewers, the reviewers are waiting for working drivers and everyone is bound to silence by Nvidia.


Yeah, it will be totally worth it as long as VR game devs actually implement those features. One of the other new features, variable rate shading, also helps with performance in foveated rendering which will be nice in the future. I may end up buying a 2080Ti but more than likely I will wait until the next gen chips as they should hopefully be a lot smaller and thus cheaper to produce.


Peterson is NVIDIA Director of Technical Marketing…wake up…


So his credibility is on the line…share if you agree…

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The controlled reviews does look suspicious.

Well, fortunately the RTX cards will be available & benchmarked since 2-3 months when our 8K are probable (you know what I mean) to be delivered to us. That gives us plenty of time to consider their value for the specific use cases with the 8K. If it performs that well, fine, I‘ll get it, if not substantially better than the 1080Ti, then the latter is my next card.

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Not sure this extrapolates correctly but the way I figure it, currently the 1080 is about a 23% increase over the 1070 and the 2080 is conservatively a 35% increase over the 1080, so the 2080 would be about a 66% increase over the 1070.

The 1080Ti is currently about a 47% increase over the 1070. So the question is, would it be worth the extra money ($200+) for the extra performance (19%) for a 2080 over a 1080Ti? This is sort of a rhetorical question as time and actual benchmarks will tell.

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I think any performance gain over a 1080 Ti is a plus when it comes to the Pimax 8K, whichever 20 series card that is. What will be more telling is the meeting this weekend.

There is always undersampling a 10 series if $$$ is your deciding factor though.

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Hmm - this is probably all true - BUT - as said before, its also nonsense to hold it up at this time then:

  • Drivers are not done and final as far as I know - not optimization or anything to use the cards
  • Windows has not put out its update 1809 I think to catch up on the new features DX wise and play along with the drivers
  • Vulcan is also still adapting
  • new features must be implemented in engines to be useful -

so all this is just silly. Wait until real-world benchmarks appear - then decide if you don’t wont to burn money.

If you need it bad - most of the time new tech improves in some way over old tech - so you will get something better but it will hurt in terms of money. That is all we know for now. All this Negativity is just pure speculation just like the rest.

Edit: That it is reinventing Graphics and not performing well in time spy… that’s two different things for me, even if the card is shity.


It’s almost certain that the RTX 2000 series underperforms the GTX 1000 series at the same price points, especially if bought second hand. You can get 1080 Ti for under $500 which performs on par or even better than a 2080.
So either get the 2080 Ti or a 1000 model.

At the moment, yes. but as MReis said, the new cards will improve over time whilst the previous generation will not improve much anymore. Not to mention the new tech like DLSS, Tensor cores etc… and whatnot which could be pretty huge - we don’t even know how far that stuff can go yet. - don’t just look at raw performance, it’s really not the full picture anymore with these Turing cards.


The question is how much these RTX will improve over time on the retail pricing :sweat_smile:
Main lesson learned in the last 30yrs - never buy for future needs (mining craze was n exception).


I disagree. I would argue you buy for both goals and how long you want to achieve them before upgrading with tech. I would always take into account value, price vs performance and other factors. If you’re point is to say dont buy for a need you dont have yet, that is different

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