8K+ for sale (Finland)

I’m selling my new Pimax 8k+ after 1-2 hrs use. Works fine and is in full original condition but I’ve decided to stay with my Valve Index.
The headset is located at southern Finland and pickup would be preferred but might consider shipping.
Price 950€ / negotiable


May I ask you why you want to stay with the Index?

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I have poor close sight, so I have problems getting clear image with 8k+ because there’s not adjust for lens distance. Index has this adjustment🙂


This is the exact reason why I’m not buying a Pimax in it’s current design.

I have a Pimax 4K and had to modify the lens distance to get a reasonable focus and I would have thought that Pimax would have learned that this adjustment is very important for the millions of people with non perfect eyesight. But unfortunately Pimax doesn’t seem learn from it’s mistakes.

Also considering that these units don’t even include controllers makes them definitely not worth the cost.

Very sad really.

I have also sold my 8kplus,for me it was also it was that i couldnt get closer to the lenses.Not for the eyesight ,but only the distance is too far.

Because of the distance from my face to the lenses i see the overlap wayyy to much on the outside left and the right of the lenses.Very distracting and unplayable!

The valve index has a nice solution for that.
So i think more and more people who will get this device will have this problem if they have the same face shape.

I dont get it why pimax hasnt think off this problem,for such a expensive device it needs a good solution for that…

I am a little afraid because i ordered also the 8kx,wich will have the same problem.
I hope they come with a adjustable comfort mas,so we can come closer to the lenses!

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA

Whilst I have myself been dogging Pimax for eye relief adjustment since before any 8k series started shipping, and consider them an absolute necessity - especially for a canted screen HMD; Such adjustment does almost nothing for the focussing of the optics, which would take a way to change the distance between the lens and the screen - not the the lens and the user’s eye; And the only on-the-market HMD I am aware of, that has that as a built-in feature, is the old Samsung Gear VR.

As for “too much overlap”: I surmise when people say this, they really mean “too little overlap”, where they see the black nothing toward the periphery, in each eye, after the point where the overlapping views between the left and right viewports end.

I take it I can take the statements in this thread to confirm my fears that the new comfort kit will only turn out ot make it even more difficult to get close enough to the lenses, for those of us who desperately need it?


This was a real problem for me on the 8kplus,it was unplayable…
I needed to sell it and go back to the valve index

If your problem is the lack of binocular overlap, then it’s a function (in part) of FOV. Just set the FOV to small or potato and it’ll be more like the Index. You’re not going to find a wide field of view with overlap on the market.

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just hold your pimax a little further from you face and you see what i see(and other people with the same problem) The comfort MAS is pushing me to far from the lenses…

I had the pimax 5plus too,there i was a little closer to the screens so the problem was less.With the 8kplus its pushing me to far away from the lenses.

But i am back on the index now and everything is great again.
I do hope when my 8kx arrives there will be a fix for this…Like a adjustable comfort MAS

I’m not doubting your desire to get closer to the lenses, I’m just saying for the singular aspect of binocular overlap you can cut down on FOV so that you don’t have the same degree of lacking overlap. The distance between your eyeballs on the lenses will have relatively minimal impact here. I say relative because the difference in actual FOV of a Pimax and an Index is quite large. Conversely, if you had a wide FOV on the Index like that of the Pimax, you’d have the same problem with the Index as it would also not have the overlap you desire. In short, if you had your eyeballs so close to the lens on the Pimax that your eyelashes would touch, you would still have very limited binocular overlap. In fact, the IPD settings will play more of a role in overlap than distance to lens. You could try setting the IPD to the lowest setting (60mm I believe) and use the software IPD to offset back to your actual IPD. This lowest physical setting will bring the lenses closer together increasing the total area of overlap.

Perhaps there are other characteristics than overlap that you makes you prefer being closer.

Hello there , its not the binocular overlap what i mean.

I tried to take the face plate out of the pimax 8kplus to come closer to the lenses then it was okay…
So its the left and right outer edges on the lenses(the curve) what gives the problems on the 8kplus.Its unplayable for me this way.

I also let it try a friend he has the almost the same face shape,and he also had this problem.

Try to pull your pimax away from your face a couple off cm,then you see what i see.
So an a adjustable Comfort MAS is the solution…

But for now back to the index while waiting on the pimax 8kx and hoping there comes a solution for this…

When you put the headset further from the eyes (face) you just reduce the FOV (for each eye, and therefore in total too). But I am not sure what you call overlap then (if it is not binocular one) and how it is related to the FOV.

Xtal has it too. charcharchar

Ok, those are worrying words indeed - sounds like those of us who are both “topologically challenged”, and ok-ish with putting a knife to our brand new expensive gadgets, will have our work cut out for us… :stuck_out_tongue:

From pictures, it looks like the “comfort kit” cowling is a single moulded piece, including the nose flaps. Would this be the case, you who have held one? Did you try and see whether it is easy to remove and put back on (the whole cowling, that is, as opposed to just the foam pad - not sure which you referred to by “face plate”)? :7

Oh? Nice! :slight_smile: (collects all the charred stuff for the barbeque)

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