8k backers are getting screwed over

The 8k was intended to be the second best headset only behind the 8kx. It wasnt 

supposed to be bested the “budget” 5k which I will remind you all was a “special 5K edition for Kickstarter”.
And while i doubt it has been bested by the 5k. It has clearly be bested(preferred by testers) by the
upgraded version 5k+. Well what about an upgrade for the 8k simple the hardware necessary to meet spec
much less upgrade does not exist. And to make matters worse any questions asked are given answers hidden behind “corporate secrets”, non-committal statements and even commenting that the testers are wrong.
Kickstarter is an investment service as such I treat my headset as a return on said investment. And simply put those who backed the 8k are getting the 8k under what was specified which was supposed to be 90hz, have lower SDE, and able to run on a 1070. While those who backed the 5k put in less and are getting the 5k+ which has improved screens. So now what do the 8k backers get extra, the knowledge they are second fiddle nothing more despite the fact that they are the entire reason for the kickstarter succeeding. Argue however you want but the 8k has 4756 backers compared to the 370 5k backers. Even the 8kx had more backers than 5k with all 400 possible backed. So they are providing a below spec article to the majority of backers and while they are offering downgrades to 5k+ with a coupon which to me is not a suitable answer.


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That’s also the 5k+, plus your $100 worth of accessories.


I have the same opinion …because of that I’m selling my pledge. It’s sad but I will wait till next year … I think next year there will come better headsets. So I can use the money I make now with selling it to buy something better later.

But I’m happy that most of the people are satisfied with the pimax project and it’s not a complete failure


Even with the shortcomings and weaknesses seen in both headsets… I don’t think you’ll get anything taking their #1 and #2 spots at the consumer level within the next year…


At least definitely not the price. The 8k video of Lucky’s Tale that was posted recently speaks for itself.

While for some it seems they would have prefered pimax not to show off the 5k+ & had waited to release it seems.

Both headsets will look great; if the choice had not been presented with an improved 5k+ & folks just received their orders no real complaining save needing more gpu power.

The fact gpu power seems light suggests the competition will wait before challenging hiFoV for gpus that can really make it zing before releasing something.

Otherwise the estimated high priced StarVR One(xt) will be the alternative.


I’ll buy it.


Instead of only thehe 8K being a resounding success, they have come up with a cheaper one that is comparable for us.

There’s really no way you can spin this negatively but you tried hard, I give you that!


It’s on Ebay (germany),backer 215

I paid for an 8k with certain features and they did not provide that it is the definition of failure. The budget model is only comparable be cause of how short the 8k fell.

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Except i don’t want $100 in accessories.

So sell your pledge then. From what we’ve seen on ebay it looks like you can make a nice profit.


If not for the 5k+, the 8k would be, by a wide margin, the best HMD available to consumers (ie, under 2-10 thousand dollars), and it’s going to remain that way for at least a year or two, unless one of the other big boys is reaaaaaaly good at keeping secret development secret.

This is by far the most successful project I’ve ever kick-starter backed.

The thing is the 5k+ so far exceeded expectations, that you feel gypped, but that’s on you, they’re going to give you your choice of options, and depending on what you use your headset for, you are getting the best HMD around.


It would be great if pimax would enable the backers to switch to the 8kx


The real deception is more SDE than we expected. Myself I was hoping that with this headset SDE will be something of the past. but Instead it’s a evolution not a revolution.

This said if we look a other Kickstarter of this kind with a small cie in charge. This will be a great success if Pimax deliver there headsets with good QA and not to many defects.

People must understand that Pimax was in a R&D phase with us, most of the R&D path doesn’t achieve the goals stated in the beginning of the project but those are often achieved in the next iterations. Mobile phones a great example of this.

Normally we don’t see the back to drawing board side of things but this is a KS founder projects


Until pimax sells it for more than my pledge.

That is basically the only thing that would appease me.

So why are you waiting? Sell it now while supply is low.

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Because if I sell it for $1200 and pimax sells them for $1500 I have lost money.

Sell now, demand is high, supply very low. They’re going for 1000-1500 bucks, headsets alone. Just be aware, you won’t have the best headset on the market for a long while, probably 6-8 months, and when you buy one later, you will end up paying more than your pledge, that was the price for early backers.