8k and Bigscreen type applications?

I was wondering if anybody besides Tom’s Hardware has had any experience with the 8k and Bigscreen type applications. My main use case for this system would probably be emulating desktops for productivity and playing games in multiple windows, mostly Eve Online. That article had me concerned about what text would look like.

My concern is that even with 4k in each eye the text would still be too blurry to read.

Hi. Read this latest review


Just remember no settings have been adjusted in these demonstrations to clean up the picture. Also 8K X backers will have native 4K which will be much clearer

Wait in upcoming through the lens pics.

To get a proper idea of potenial clarity if previewing the v2 prototype. Close one eye. With both eyes if ipd is not correct it will affect convergence & close lettering will appear blurry.

Objects in the distance appear proper as your brain will make minor corrections to distant objects.