6DOF at Pimax 5K + / 8K

Would not it be better to use an additional hooked module like Leap Motion instead of using base stations, as it is in Samsung Odyssey? 2 cameras to track motion and additional sensors coupled with cameras to track the movement of hands and controllers.

Although the tracking in the Samsung Odyssey is very good, it is still inferior to the SteamVR system.

The normal square area the lighthouses creates is almost imune to occlusion, while the Odyssey can be EASILY occluded and will tipically suffer from:

  • Lack of fine tracking detail (SteamVR can track you with milimeter precision)
  • Lack of ambient “marks” (The Odyssey internal tracking algorithm needs to see and interpret milestones or “marks” to commit localization)
  • Impossibility of “merged hands” tracking. You can´t dual wield your Glock/Pistol because the controllers emitters will confused the Odyssey cameras, making almost impossible to use both hands very closely.

Maybe in the future, with newer interations (like the HTC cosmos i think) it will get better, but so far, the indisputable tracking king (both precision, area and easy to use) is the SteamVR.

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Of course, you are right. I use goggles in seated mode, using them only for flight simulators. For me, such a solution without base stations would be enough;)

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