5KS gets 900 value trade in for 12k, but mystery box 5KS that costs more than the current price doesn't?

Seems a bit weird.

I paid 499 for the mystery box 5KS, if I got a 5KS now it would be 100 less than that but I don’t get the 900 value trade in. Doesn’t really make sense tbh, is there any chance Pimax could reconsider this?

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I am not sure you will get 900$ trade in value if you only paid 499$ or 399$. In that case people would be stupid to not buy a 5KS or other 8 series headset shortly before buying a 12K just to immediately return it in the trade in program b/c it would shave 500$ or more off,the price.

Doesn‘t really make much sense. And I thought they said in the Frontier event that you‘ll get the full value you actually paid credited. In my case, being an 8KX backer, I never understood it to mean that I could go for the highest price the 8KX had through the years (at 1,499$) and expect that to be credited to me. Because in fact I never paid that much. They‘re still a company working for profit, not Santa.

The 900 trade in value for 5KS is a recent thing that Pimax just announced, see here: https://pimax.com/pimax-trade-in-program/

It’s in point number 1.

Ah, I understand - yes, that’s super random.

Why only grant the higher price for the 5KS, not any of the other headsets ? Perhaps that’s the only one they still have in greater quantities and want to motivate potential customers beyond today to buy them b/c that will not only give them free use of it for the time until the 12K is released but also an effective extra 500$ discount. But now everybody else will suddenly feel they’re getting a bad deal (even if they can apply the purchase value to a future purchase of the 12K which isn’t bad at all)…

I am curious what the official response to your question will be.

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Yeah I was really happpy about the 900 thing and it solidified for me that I would be buying the 12k, couldn’t afford it otherwise (also selling a few other headset just to get it) but then I found out that it doesn’t apply for the mystery box even though we paid 100 more than the current price this week. Seems kinda unfair.

It really is quite unfair since it is the same headset… what’s more people generally had greater faith that Pimax was being at least “fair” with the odds… in that you would at the very least get a Pimax 5K SUPER instead of just a another crappy Fiber Optic cable like their first mystery box (the one done around Black Friday).

I think we might be getting some sort of update on this. It would make sense for all recently bought 5KS to be included in this deal tbh, or at least something close. If the goal is to get people into the Pimax family and gain loyal customers then this would be the way to go. With that discount I would definitely by a 12k and I’ve literally never spent so much on anything in my life lol (gonna trade in 5KS and sell fully modded Q2, + Arpara when it arrives and then also a guitar or something!).

Any update on this? Thanks. @PimaxQuorra @PimaxVR


The sales team and I have discussed the T&C.

Unfortunately, you cannot benefit from the 5KS Special Term if you obtained the 5K Super from a mystery box.

This is the goal of the trade-in program. We might need to reconsider the terms for our users.

Thanks a lot for replying, I do really appreciate the transparency here and not just ignoring it. I will admit that I am a bit disappointed but I’m probably like 1 of the only people in this situation or that has noticed/cared so I think from a business perspective with yourselves it makes reasonable enough sense.

Thanks again for taking the time to discuss it and get back to me.

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Nope, I too care for that is how I acquired my Pimax 5K SUPER via Pimax Mystery Box, do not that the first Mystery Box actually seemingly only gave Fiber Optic Pimax cables out… leading to certain complaints… and somehow that “successful” campaign lead into a MUCH better Mystery Box event (Christmas Season) where nearly everybody as far as I could tell received at LEAST a Pimax 5K SUPER.
Transparency from Pimax is somewhat appreciated though that being said “Mystery Box”…
It really should just be treated similarly for fairness sake, it just unfairly punishes those who had any real faith in Pimax not screwing people over to begin with.

Another Solution:
To be fair to Pimax, Pimax could always just have those who want the fair (increased) Trade-In value reflected just do Support Tickets for those who bother filing one for this reason.

Edit: Added my “solution”.

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Yeah, I think it would be good to give some option for us. It’s pretty unusual to feel such regret for buying something that was meant to be a deal. By that I mean, I paid 399 for the 5KS and then a few months later you can get it for 299 but also get the trade in deal of 900. Just hard to swallow that and makes me uncomfortable buying any pimax deal again as I might get stung.

It’s a tough position for pimax though as the 900 trade in offer is a great deal, so I don’t want to complain about them doing good stuff like this, it just sucks to be caught in the cracks with the mystery box deal so I think some sort of way (like you @VisionsX said) of reaching out to get flagged for the 900 or something would be a good way of doing it so the more enthusiast pimaxians like ourselves that are on these forums regularly etc could get the deal.

It’s a tricky situation though overall, and I do appreciate the communication from them and that it isn’t just being blanked.

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