5k xr initial impressions

Eyes hurt. Lenses are too close to my eyeballs, and eyelashes are touching the glass. Facial interface should be wider natively.
Bad smell. When I was unboxing Oculus CV1, it was one of the best tastiest unboxings of my life.
Barely usable without base stations and controllers. I was unable to launch any app from my steam/oculus library - it either lagged like crazy or showed grey screen. Somewhere I read that it requires a base station to show something inside the game. I only was able to enjoy wide FOV in steam vr home so far. Not too fun.
Somehow it was stuttering and I had to reboot my pc a few times. It stopped registering head rotations at the same time it started showing low quality mountains with planets around. Looks like some sort of pimax’s own hub… No idea what it is, but it was… disappointing at least.
Field of view and color reproduction gave me joy however. I can’t wait until swords with lighthouses get released to play games properly. Until then it will remain in the box not to collect dust, I guess.

Hi Joe

You need to turn off LH tracking under Hmd. Then ckick through room setup in pitool. Enter your height manually when able.

Thanks. Apparently that was something that had to be done.

I also noticed that if I launch oculus service via pitool, I can’t stop or start it anymore with oculus tray tool. As an owner of oculus, I plan to use both headsets, but this bug requires me to restart my PC.

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It might be a pain but have you tried Taskmamager?

There is a thread here where a fellow had both a pimax & oculus headset running at the sametime on 1 pc.

I tried it briefly, but no luck. Will see if I can dig deeper next time.

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Here is the thread.