5K XR impressions?

How do people find it? I’ve seen a couple mixed opinions on YouTube… curious what people here who own it think of it

How’s the SDE + color in comparison to other HMDs you’ve experienced?

Particularly if you’ve used it for a week or so and adjusted to it

Did you see this comparison by Tyriel wood

Yeah that was awesome… Sweviver’s overview seemed a bit different

Overall still curious about how it feels after some use (as you naturally get used to certain aspects after a couple days)

It can be hard to explain the experience for HMDs through direct screen comparisons

I think its the best vr headset in the 1000$ price range , the black levels are much better then the 5k+ or the index . BUT the colors are not that vibrant as on the first vive.
Sde is as good as on the oculust rift cv1 so its more then fine for me .

I am waiting for start vr one or the pimax 8k X though …

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