5K+ vs 5K Super vs Artisan, copper vs fiber cable, questions

I have a backer 5K+ and it has generally served me well. However the cables have always been terrible, and either arrive with some sparkles or develop them within months. Due to the waiting time for post from China plus the time spent speaking to Pimax on tickets I have probably spent more time with this headset with bad cables than I have with good ones. This has reduced my opinion and enjoyment of the headset by at least 50%. In addition in 90 or 144 Hz (my most commonly used refresh rates), I now often have to reboot the headset several times to get the right hand screen to come on. Also, sometimes my headset’s horizon is off by about 3 degrees, which is noticable but bearable, or sometimes by about double this, which is too distractring to play with. Rebooting the headset also often fixes this, but may also give me the blank right screen problem back. Sometimes I’m rebooting the headset for 10 minutes before I give up and go to 120 Hz.

I love the Pimax FOV though. I also find it the most comfortable headset, with the tweaks I have done (3d printed parts, DAS, etc.)

I owned an 8KX for a few months and while the native res was amazing, the upscale (75 is not sufficient IMO for any fpses or similar) looks revolting IMO. I’m talking about the horrible pixel inversion or whatever grid effect more than the upscale blur. Pimax confirmed to me that this was on all 8KX’s so this puts that out of the picture. When we have dp 7.12 or whatever and an 8KZ that can do 144Hz + at native I will be all over that if no similar competetors, but we are not there yet.

So I am looking to retire my 5K+ and possibly get the Artisan or Super with a fiber cable.

So, to anyone who has owned both, is the Super better than or equal to the 5K+ in ALL ways? Is there anything about it that will feel like a downgrade?

  • colours
  • blacks
  • refresh rate / FOV combos (is the super the same EXCEPT with the addition of 180 at small FOV? is 144 the same FOV as the 5K+ at 144?)
  • weight
  • SDE (I know the res is the same but I guess diff physical panels could still affect this)
  • Any other weirdness specific to this headset?

And similar for Arisan :

  • how do colours compare?
  • blacks?
  • Is Artisan max FOV the same as the 5K+ normal? I use normal 80% of the time.
  • How’s the weight?
  • SDE same as 5k+?
  • Any other weirdness specific to this headset?

Now, specific to the cable. For me at least, the copper cables are simply very bad. I owned the fiber cable with my 8KX for a month or so and it seemed good, but that was not enough time to be sure. The question of wehther the fiber cable will resolve all my repeated cable issues is probably the most important factor for me in deciding whether to stay with Pimax at all. If the fiber cables are just as bad I’ll simply go with an Index or similar instead. The extra Pimax FOV is not even nearly worth the Pimax cable frustration.

So, to anyone who also has had similar problems with their copper cable and now has fiber - is it an improvement? Has it lasted you a decent time, when the copper cables always go bad after a few months? If your copper cables are fine, congrats, but this paragraph is not for you :slight_smile: .

Thanks, all.

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I can only speak of cables. I initially had a bad one (with my 8K), but the replacement lasted as long as I used that headset. I now (also) have an 8KX, both the copper and the fiber optic cables have worked fine for me, although, since I mostly play seated games, I don’t stress the cables very much. I also don’t need the extra length of the optical cable, so I’m currently using the copper one. The fiber optic cable is much thinner, so I worry about its long-term sturdiness.

Therefore, I’m keeping the optical cable safe, until (1) I play a standup game, where a longer cable is useful, or (2) the copper cable dies.


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