5k+ tracking issues and random dots

Hello everyone, I am being happy with my 5k+ since I got it one year and half ago.
Lately I got this two issues.
The first is that the HMD seems to “start right” only once every 4-5 times: when it does start wrong I can see the tracking jumps positions, it is visible even in the “empty grid” of steamvr with home disabled or in the old pimax home (the planets). When I have this issue in games I get frame drops, and the average fps goes from 120 to 80-90, but from my eyes I perceive like 1 frame every 30-40 is much slower than the others. Turning it off and on again can fix it after some tentatives.
The second issue is that sometimes I get like random pixels around the screen get white/purple/green; this is more noticeable on dark background.
I tried reverting old pitools but it didn’t fix it, anyone know what is happening?
Thank you

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