5K Super Normal FOV is smaller than 8K X on Normal FOV

EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED - 120hz normal fov is similar 5k super to 8k x, but if you increase to 144hz or 160hz, “normal” fov is actually smaller. It’s just not clear until i turned it on.

Anyone here tried the 8k x at normal fov and compared it to the 5k super normal fov?

The fov on normal is smaller on the 5k super than it is on the 8k x for me - how’s this possible?? And if you use large fov on the 5k super you can only use 90hz.

Now here’s the kicker… i started steam with pitool set at large fov, then mid-game in iracing i switched pitool to normal fov, then the fov seems fine.

But once you restart steamVR, normal fov is a binocular/more circular view.

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i find that 120fps is a perfect view on normal fov. I leave mine at that. I wonder if they could improve the higher fps modes with tech that the 8kx uses to get 90fps with 2 4k panels.

Yes i checked the specs of the 5k super and here’s their tech specs from pimax:

90hz - 200 degree fov*
120 - 200
144 - 185
160 - 170
180 - 150fov

I doubt theyll get there as the 5k super and 8k x use different boards according to pimax.

I also noticed distortion more on the 5k super than the 8k x - and the right side was worse than the left for me although that’s subjective and could be how my face shape is or how it’s sitting on my face. Although i can definitely say theres more distortion on the outer edges on the 5k super from the 2 8kx models i tried.

And ive tried a few of their headsets now and each one felt like the distortion differed on every one of them.

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I highly doubt the 5k super and 8kx use different main boards. that isnt the issue though. the fov can and will increase if bandwidth increases. the reason the 8kx can now run 90hz isnt just magic. it is bandwidth and color tricks newer gpus can use. i could see the same thing coming to the 5k super in time, opening up fov.

also pimax lies about the fov of the headset sadly. on 120hz it is not using the max 170 fov horizontal that you get on 90hz. 90hz and 120hz are not the same in fov. give it a try

as for distortion i did notice what you mean. i had to move the foam pad on the right side over slightly in order for my right eye to become better focused. pimax does a great job with vertical clarity, but if your head is slightly left or right, your going to have a bad time.

Did you previously have the 5k+? I’m looking for someone to give me a comparison of the FOV of the 5k+ at 144 hz Normal (supposedly 150°) and the higher 160hz and 180hz of the 5k Super.

I left it at 120hz and Normal FOV. At 90hz and Large FOV it felt nearly the same size FOV…
At 144, 160, or 180, lowered FOV for sim racing is not something i wanted. Maybe for other games like beat saber or such…

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i know it is really sad to say the the 5k super’s biggest plus is its biggest negative. they need to stretch the fov at higher fps somehow. it is possible.

Also if your eyes are too far/close you will have a worse time

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