5K Super - Garbled Screen and Misidentified in PiTool


New to the Pimax ecosystem here–just snagged a 5K Super through the mystery box sale and have yet to get the headset to work. A brief summary:

  • Had a 3090TI Displayport recognition issue that Support pointed me in the direction of a DP Repeater and Cable for.
  • Headset is now recognized by the PC but PiTool is misidentifying it as a ‘Pimax 8K’ and the screen is very garbled. There is a bar of static across the middle of the view and while I can tell that it is trying to display content, recognizing head movement et al, it’s just a series of garbled rectangles coming through.
  • I’ve tried a few versions of PiTool and have performed a hardware DFU reset but no matter what I do PiTool shows it as ‘Pimax 8K’.
  • My main display can blank out each time I move my mouse once the headset is plugged in, but that seems to be fixed by unplugging and replugging in the DP and two USB cables.

Current Specs:

  • PiTool: V1.0.1.280
  • Headset: V2.1.255.270
  • GPU: EVGA 3090ti FTW3
  • CPU: i9-12900k
  • OS: Windows 11
  • RAM: 32GB DDR5
  • Misc: 2 Lighthouse Bases (recognized) and Index Controllers (paired)

I have an ongoing ticket with support and have followed up and shared my debug logs, but I’m curious if anyone else has run into similar headset recognition/display issues. I was happy that the repeater/cable seems to fix part of the problem, but wondering if in my tinkering I’ve screwed up the headset firmware and that’s the root cause of the graphical issues.

Fingers crossed! Thanks in advance!

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Please kindly share the ticket # with us.
We will check with the tech specialist.

I doubt that the firmware version is flashed wrongly. A correct firmware version should address this issue.

Did you try to install the 283V Pitool?

Before installation, please make sure you’ve deleted all Pitool / Pi_Service files at the driver.

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Thank you so much! I uninstalled Pitool and installed that beta version–as soon as it launched it upgraded the device’s firmware and fixed the immediate issues. I have a clear image on the display and it is being recognized as a 5K Super.

For reference my ticket with support is # 32936–I did just share an update there.

Here’s hoping that the rest of the process is smooth sailing. Thanks again!

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A kind nudge, did our tech specialist manage to address your issue?