5k+ RMA unboxing!

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I finally got back the 5k + RMA I had sent to Marseille. Here’s a short (horror) story of how the process went. I only found time for this at this point because of the limitations of real life.

I started RMA Feb 23rd and sent packet Mar 9th. The shipment was never picked up in Marseille due to covid-19 restrictions and was sent back to me. However the restrictions expired or were reduced in early May and it would have been possible for Pimax staff to pick up the shipment, which was promised in the e-mails. After that the Parcel disappeared and no information was received about its movements.

The process has included sending back and forth emails to Pimax support without any actual help with the problem. 54 posts so far. It’s amazing how much is promised and how little is done but some of you have probably experienced the same as me. Pimax paid for the shipment and was responsible for it but they were clearly not interested in the loss of the shipment. Instead I was asked to figure out the problem.

In any case the RMA came back unopened on September 14th (six months). The package had suffered during the trip. The headset had the same cracks as when shipped and a new dust particle in left lence but nothing else. 5k + still works what could not have been deduced from the condition of the package. So obviously a durable device :slight_smile: However, this is based on one short test.


Pimax box before/after

Some mailing after i received the package:

Hi Vivi,

The RMA has been returned to me after 6 months waiting. Package was not in very good condition but 5k+ was in same condition as before: Same cracks, some dust. I had time to test goggles today and it seems to work normally. There were a dust particle in left lens though that wasn’t there before, but otherwise no damage from transport.

Some images and a video clip attached.

Best regards


Dear loska,

I’m glad to hear you received the parcel successfully. That is really a long time. Have you asked the carrier why it’s so long?

You told the headset still work normally, and from your pictures, the cracks do not seem very obvious. Since it won’t affect to use, how about this? I will try to fight for a $80 refund in cash/coupon and a silicone protective sleeve instead of RMA. You can use the sleeve to cover the headset. It will protect it well. You know I really worry it will happen again like last time if you return again. Do you willing accept this?

Waiting for your reply.

*Best regards, *


Have I asked?? What a….
“You know I really worry it will happen again like last time if you return again.” Really Pimax?!? This does not give a very reliable impression of your RMA process. :laughing:

So should i take the refund and 80$ coupon she is fighting for me so hard or should i just send the headset back and take another round?

I almost forgot. Here is the link to the original Follow up

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That’s a horrendous wait time, but being honest with you - black plastic pimax hmds crack. they all do, they all will.

As awful as the experience and response turned out, I’d personally accept the offer. Silicon protective sleeve is about all you can do. My only fear, long term, is getting more dust behind the lenses. I know you can take it all apart, blow out dust etc, but I’d really prefer not to. I think as long as the sleeve is tight it should prevent dust. I plan on ordering one tonight actually

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What fault was cause for the RMA, did they fix it? You are not guarenteed a new headset with an RMA, only a fix for the fault that was covered under warranty. I RMA’ed apair of headphones to Audeze (USA based company) and they sent me back the same pair after fixing the fault.
The state of the package looks like a courier issue, given they wrapped it in foam and then another box I would say adequate care was taken on their part.

My Honest opinion? :-1: get the RMA that was supposed to happen and failed. Request that the 5k+ replacement you receive is the Blue Housing(you will lose the RGB Chevron Lighting); these vision housings thus far haven’t heard of any cracking.

Your a Backer so if you didn’t give up your Stretch Goals to get an 8kX you will receive a Silicon protective Sleeve in your Backer Box.

Request to keep your current Rubber facial interface as you may find like others the comfort kit might not be suitable for your usability of the headset.


I agree with the Black housing comment as has been fairly consistent.

However as a Backer if he didn’t give up his Stretch goals. He will receive a silicone protective sleeve already. Plus he mentioned there is now also dusk in the headset. Better to follow through with the RMA and request Blue Housing model for his inconvenience.


Thanks for reminding me Heliosurge! I didn’t give up stretch goals so i’m going to get a silicon protective sleeve anyway. I will probably ask for a RMA and the blue housing like you proposed.


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