5k+ review in german

I wrote my 5k+ review two days ago.
After PiTool was released, I updatet my impressions because of the less destortions with the PiTool.

So here it is (you have to use google translator or someting else!): LINK


A great and matter-of-fact review! Thanks. Now waiting for my preorder will be even longer;)

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Yes, seems pretty accurate. Only thing i don’t agree with is comfort. It’s much better than the Odyssey+ but with the current strap I’d say it’s not up to the Vive Pro comfort. But I guess it depends hugely on the form of your face, while it might be comfortable to some, it won’t be to others.

Hmm also not sure I agree with your conclusion that the 5k+ is the clear winner. I’ve really started to like the Odyssey+ for its anti SDE tech. I’d call it a tie between the O+ and the 5k+, I really enjoy both HMD’s. Also for movies I find the OD+ much better.

The thing with the OD+ is that objects in the distance look better (sharper) with the 5k+, but objects nearby just look MUCH better on the OD+ because of the anti SDE.

Other than that I agree to your points.

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