5K+ received and

here are my first impressions using it for a few minutes now, will update the post later when i tried some other things.

Okay first problem the base stations only show up if i connect them via the sync cable need to figure out how they come up without the cable because this is a big no no for the room.
Also there needs to be a solution in pitool to shut the base stations down.

Now the real problem, i have a small head (and low IPD) and the lenses are a real pain on the nose after a few minutes. Already tried a different facepad but this didn’t help the plastic that holds the facepad is simply to wide. Moving the headset back not only gets rid of the pain but also reduces the distortions.
The best solution would be a diffent plastic offered by Pimax for smaller heads that is narrower and adds a bit more distance to the lenses.

The cable seems to be okay no problem there so far.
Will later do some more tests on the screen quality only had a brief look at steamvr home but what i saw was a significantly reduced SD compared to the Vive. :+1:


Congrats on finally receiving. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

There is a discussion where they have been hacking the Bluetooth LE & look like there making good progress.

I don’t have LHes myselr but think others haven’t needed to use sync cable. I know during the v2 v3 days they didn’t use a sync cable on the v1 LHes during demos.

@spamenigma might have some ideas.

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Have they worked or been tested with a Vive? As long as they can see each other (so not too distant, within 5m is the suggestion) and no objects in the way, and are set to B and C (rather than A and B for sync cable). And nothing else They should work, nothing pimax side needed other than sometimes a reboot.

There’s no communication from pimax to the LH at the moment, so doubt we will see a pitool solution for shutdown. Third party options needed such as Home Automation remote sockets or following the discussion of using own adapters and scripting.

I believe a remote power socket is only needed on the master for it to shutdown the slave LH.

Personally I’ve let mine run non-stop for 3 years nearly :slight_smile:


Thx! @Heliosurge yes it finally arrived.:beers:

Yeah i saw the thread about Bluethooth it’s just not that easy on this forum to keep track of all the important threads.

Thank you so much they worked before with the vive but i just checked them and they stood on channel A&B. Switched to B&C and they show up now.:clap::+1:

I am back after diner with some more testing.


i have mine since saturday, no faults at all just the sde is different at the top and bottom. i see lines between 2 pixel rows, cant really describe it
do you see that too? only in the middle i can see the pixels normally


I have found 2 useful methods for threads. There is a bookmark feature but not very advanced.

Alternatively you can send yourself a pm & paste links to threads of interest.


If you have a OG Vive, try the narrow facepad. This seems to provide much more comfort and adds the distance needed for small IPDs. But will leave a huge gap around the nose. I cut some card and stuck it to the bottom to help with that.


I have low IPD and the pimax is nose torture for me too. I’ve not got around to trying anything to mod it but I feel the latest face foam that is thinner at the bottom has made things worse not better.


Sorry for the late reply but had to do some other stuff first.
Right now i tried the narrow vive facepad it made things a bit better but had still pressure on the nose.Ended up using some Velcro to stack the 6mm+18mm Kiwi Design Vive face covers. Since i use the DAS this allows to have just enough room for the nose and to add some pressure with the DAS.

The best thing really would be a different (narrower) plastic for smaller faces + 15-20mm more space to the lenses.I don’t see me using this stacked face cushion interim solution for very long. Thankfully i don’t wear glasses because with my facshape and the little space this would be impossible.

I only had a very brief look at steamvr home so far, should it there also be visible is it very noticeable?

Haven’t done any in depth quality check so far but what i have seen by now my Unit also doesn’t have any dead pixles or dust behind the lenses neither does it have the sparkling pixles problem.

The housing looks ok but holding the headset in my hands i can already say that this will not last very long those sharp corners combined with the thin material are bound to fail at some point in the near future.
Would be surprised if this lasts.

The nice thing with the Pimax is now the texture resolution plays suddenly a very important role. While this wasn’t a thing on the Vive, with less SDE and better clarity on the Pimax you can see where the dev’s tried to get away with lower res textures. :grin:

The tracking seems to be okay but i wouldn’t say as stable as on the vive. Maybe it is me or my system but i think there is a slight latency problem. I think when i moved and turned the vive wands i noticed this.

Also when i turn my head everything is fine but after some 20 or 30 degrees it looks like there is a frame jump.

The distortions are there but i think it is something i can get used to it is just a problem in combination with the culling at the outer edges. The popping in of objects makes the distorsion so much more noticeable.

The less SDE is really way better than the Vive and i have to test it but i think it is also better than that of the Oculus Go. No not gone but something i can live with until somehting better shows up, i couldn’t stand the Vive SDE at all.

More later…


Thank you for the first impressions bro, I might agree or disagree with you tomorrow.


The Sde is less visible on light colors like sky on the 5K but more visible on darker colors like green

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NP, fingers crossed that your Unit arrives in good condition.:+1:


Option 3: Make compilation posts :wink:


You could try to add some more cushioning around the nose area, perhaps “Moleskin Plus”. Another option would be to try and reduce the pressure on you face with a “comfort strap”. Details on both are already in other threads. Just do a forum search.


easiest to see is in grey or green, looks a bit like dithering but its only in the top 40% of the view and like bottom 30%. between that i can see normal square pixels

i had this frame jumping too, the cam software from nzxt caused it for me. try to close programms you have running, afterburner+rtss is fine tho. now its as smooth as with the vive

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I have exactly the same problem. Please report back if you find any solution to this!

5k+ backer or pre order?

i am a backer… if your question points to me.

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@dragn09 Will have a look for it but don’t think i will have much time for testing before the weekend.

@NRGizzer yes will report back if i find the problem.

btw. i am running the 103 beta version maybe that is the problem what versions are you running.
as @dragn09 said i will also have a look at the processes running. thx

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using 103 myself. no issues