5K Plus Black Screen Issues. Need to be resolve

I purchased the kickstarter. Paid for the full set which they still have the order incorrect as well, but I have never dealt with such a pos company. Let me also say that I have had the original VIVE from beta and it has lasted 5 years without issues. Never had an RMA, cord issue or anything. The VIVE has been dropped and been through abuse. This headset? No abuse. Never dropped it. Played a grand total of 15 times in the past year for maybe 30 hours. I have been incredibly busy working so I have had very little time. I have had my Pimax in a covered box from IKEA that no one has access to except for me. I have taken extra care of this and was not plug and play which caused me extra time to even get it up and running with the incredibly limited time I already had.

We have consistently been given lies, deadlines they can’t make, even items they now refuse to deliver that were part of the kickstarter and items they promised was free and now have to pay for. This is unacceptable for a company. I can almost guarantee if you ran another kickstarter half of us probably wouldn’t be repeat buyers. This is terrible service and you’ve done it to everyone on the kickstarter.

Now my individual issue. I’ve had to RMA two cables. One of which they never got back to me, and was started before the warranty was over with and unfortunately I never continued to reply back because I’ve been busy working almost 80hours a week. Anyways, I received mine in April 2019 after Ordering November 2017 in the Kickstarter. Now I sent them issues of my screen not turning on and they told me to get a new cable and they wouldn’t cover it. I purchased it on Amazon so it was easy to return if it did not work. It didn’t work. Well after about another three or four days of waiting for a reply they told me I needed to use TeamViewer and they will try to to do some things to it to get it to work remotely. Well they determined it was a hardware issue and they no longer want to help. Their reply is below

"The technical support team did a remote session for you, and told it might not the cable issue. The issue cannot be fixed by changing a cable. We are really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. You can have a try to contact the Amazon seller to return that cable for refund.

Regarding your headset, it has passed the warranty period. So I am sorry we are unable to offer a replacement. Sorry again for the trouble."

No offer to fix it, just nothing they can do so here I am stuck with the full set waiting for the other pieces that never got delivered(KS goals, controllers, lighthouses) and I have nothing that I can use them on. The headset is the brains of the whole operation and it’s worthless now so I can’t use the controllers or the lighthouses or the kickstarter goals. Honestly I’m not even sure what to do now except to place this review on every Amazon product they own, every product of theirs I see on the internet and just warn them of this.

I spent a ton of money for this item and it’s a piece of trash now and the company really doesn’t care to back their product or even attempt to fix it.


I saw similar post & their OP was pissed off by the same thing for his XR & disassembled the HMD the reason was poorly connected wire to the display, so he tighten it & thing started to work.

They try to fix it by introducing remote services which can repair HMDs without shipping it back to China, hope you case will be noted & treated


i had the same experience. One panel is broken, not physically but it is displaying repeated pixels of bright objects right across the screen. This is after 18 months of having the headset so also out of warranty.


Yeah I’m thinking since they pretty much told me I’m on my own that I will have to open it up and fix what is probably a bad connection wire. Luckily I deal a lot with electronics and hardware so I should be able to do this with ease, the problem is they didn’t even give me the option of paying to ship it back and repair it.


dang. Yeah sounds like the panel. I think I saw a thread somewhere of someone looking into swapping out the panels since a lot of the other hardware is pretty much the same in most of these devices

Sorry to hear that guys and I’m not devaluing your experience but should point out I had the opposite experience, so Pimax can deliver.

For example my Kickstarter 8K loaner was faulty and another loaner sent in return with no issues at all. All I needed to do was send a little video of my screen fault as proof of a fault and everything was arranged to get a replacement.

I contacted a very efficient Pimax employee called ‘Dallas’.

Ultimately, like with all purchases, especially ones online it’s likely our customer experience is probably down to the individual employee not the company as a whole.


It’s a shame they operate out of China.
Warranty periods for the markets they sell to are longer.
& if they specifically target those markets, they have to live up to those warranty periods.
In England at least, you can even legally enforce something past warranty period under the sale of goods act.
If you can argue a good case that it hasn’t lasted for a reasonable amount of time.
Many good companies will know this & repair/replace goods after warranty. But sometimes they need to be reminded

Unfortunately most businesses in China don’t care about our countries warranty laws as it’s difficult for them to be enforced.

But every time companies in China do this, they just drag their own name through the dirt & burn bridges with the customers


Possibly, but yours may still be under warranty and also yours is a loaner so they probably handle those differently from the kickstarter than the backers who got the 8K or 5K+. I’m not sure so I can’t speak to it, but everyone I’ve dealt with has been slow and unhelpful. I still have a ticket about my order which still is waiting to be fixed.

True I would expect them to at least give me the option to repair it. Going back to the VIVE sucks from this, but man is it the most reliable headset.

Oh, I had my kickstarter 5K+ replaced after a few weeks because it was unstable and have also received a replacement cable which didn’t cost me anything so from that point I can’t complain.

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I’ve had to replace my cable twice. I would have expected better. I still have the original cable from the VIVE

Oh and also I still have a $100 coupon I can spend on literally nothing. I would love to turn it in for headset repairs, but that won’t happen because Pimax doesn’t care about their customers. I was literally going to purchase eye and hand tracking as well as a few other accessories. Kinda can’t purchase accessories for a headset that doesn’t work


@Scy0846: I can only agree with you, nobody in his sane mind should buy e.g. a 1,300$ headset from Pimax directly. If you want to have one, wait until you can get it from a retailer in your country - for me in Germany that will mean 2 years of warranty, no matter what Pimax may think it is. And when you address it with the retailer, it will be dealt with swiftly.

I had a similar issue with my loaner 8K. I received it in Spring 2019, used it with my old Vive base stations for about a month until those malfunctioned, then stuffed the 8K in a box for about a year and when I finally, after having to complain massively, received the base stations I pledged for with Pimax in 2017, I dusted off the ol’ 8K and put it back into service. Alas, it only lasted about a week until one screen started to permanently show colored stripes. Pimax support soon concluded that it was a hardware issue which couldn’t be resolved nor would they hint at the option of a repair - they offered me to “upgrade”, i.e. buy an 8KX instead.

I did not get excited about it because it was a loaner I was going (and have) return anyhow, but just imagine if this was a backer reward headset or if I had actually decided to buy the loaner, as Pimax tried to motivate us to do: due to Pimax inability to ship the base stations I hardly made any use of it, and when eventually they provide me with all pieces to use it properly (save for the controllers) it dies almost immediately and they just respond with their lazy “out of warranty” message.

I would have been absolutely furious, and I can see why you are.

But this is what you get with Pimax. If you at least stay patient enough you can get it from a retailer, where you only pay when it’s really ready for shipment (ask the pre-orderers around here who are waiting for 6+ months now to get their 8KX originally announced by Pimax to them to be shipped end of last year), and you get a proper warranty. And our cases show that warranty is a consideration you may really have to rely on due to the poor quality control Pimax have shown so far. Maybe it will be improved with the 8KX - but are you going to bet 1,300$ on it?


Nope definitely not willing to get another Pimax headset for a few years now. I may have upgraded in 3 years, but definitely not anymore. They are doing a great job ignoring customers and waiting months for RMAs, but what I really can’t stand a company doing is lying. I get the KS was going to be changed a lot from the original build. I didn’t expect to be lied to about the 5K+ being better and what really swayed me was the 100 coupon which I thought I could use on hand tracking but now they won’t allow that because they didn’t make the product. So now 8K backers paid extra money for the 5K+ headset with a useless coupon when the 5K backers got an upgrade already and still paid the same price and have an extra $100 in their pockets while we are stuck with a coupon we can’t use. It’s the worst Kickstarter I’ve been a part of at this point. I agree with you. I may have to wait for a retailer, but I’m not sure it will be worth it even from that point because they still won’t take ownership of their lies and mistakes.


Your out of warranty. What did you expect?


most manufacturers of $1000+ hardware offer pay-for repairs after the warranty has ended, Pimax are now refusing to do even this meaning if you get even a fairly minor, cheap and easy to repair fault, your entire $1000 is in the bin the moment it happens


Most manufacturers actually will offer to repair something this expensive. Sure I would have to pay for shipping and repairs, but they didn’t even offer and the other problem here is I still have accessories, base stations and controllers coming so what exactly do I do with those now?

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@Scy0846 Very unlucky. Sorry to hear that. You said you are savy with electronics. So probably best is to try to repair and then sell it.

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That might be the plan, but I would have to wait for all of my KS goals to get here. I hope I can fix it

The colored stripes that you had, were they horizontal and in fact repetition of pixels of bright objects across the screen? That is what I see on the left panel of my 5K+.
Any idea what is causing it?