5K+ owners .. how much do the 'black dots' bother you?

I have seen some comments where 5K+ owners complain about the ‘line’ of black dots. Even to the point that it breaks immersion and wishing they went for the 8K. (I’m referring to this: https://community.openmr.ai/t/dots-on-the-5k-screen/8730)

For example:




So right now I am completely confused again whether I should go with 5K+ or 8K.

OK 5K+ has more clarity, but if the SDE and black dots are immersion breaking, then 8K being just a bit softer but with less noticable SDE and no black dots might actually be better for overall immersion?

But then there is the 8K latency thing reported here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/8k-vs-5k-latency-and-quick-5k-vs-8k-impressions/11460 And also at the VR Space meetup (https://community.openmr.ai/t/new-video-vrspace-pimax-backer-meetup-2018-rewind/11715) most people seem to really prefer the 5K+ … but what about the black dots!?

Also, in general it seems most 8K owners are completely happy with it, while 5K+ backers seem to have more complaints (but maybe just because there are more of them.) Also the number of units with dead pixels seem higher with the 5K+.


I tried it and for me the black dots are annoying. I bought both model, and I need to try 8K to understand why 5K+ is better, as several user said.


So do you prefer the 8K now?

I need to try 8K… but 5K+ black dots are a big issue for me. I see it every time I stare to something. Specially with red color.


Oh, I see so you are still waiting for the 8K.
I’m backer 2,xxx … so it is getting close to my deadline to decide.
After being so confident with 5K+ now I am really considering 8K again.

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Yes… my first option was 5K+, but now I need to try 8K. If I don’t have wobble problem or latency… and SDE is nice… is possible it will be my final decision and sell 5K+


They don’t bother me unless I’m trying to get immersed, and there is a lot of red/red-appoximate colors. This also makes the black dots appear (albeit less black and more grey) even on white colors. I would very much recommend that pimax fix this, but I have no idea if they are listening because there is no “early backer support” like they said there would be, as they are busy dealing with production and QA problems.


Having both I prefer the 8k & can confirm the horizontal space between pixels due to having only 1440 vertical res vs 2160.

I do not see the dots on the 5k+ myself & am like the majority of 8k owners not bothered by the latency that seems to require a special test to see unless you are sensitive like Sebastian & Karrtoon.


Up to each game, when I try Arizona sunshine, i try to see it and difficult to see. But can see easily in some game. It is about colour.

But if you want the headset to watch porn, this is very terrible.


I think I’ve read about you preferring the 8K somewhere else, but can you say again exactly the reasons why?

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Thank you. BTW I’m from Thailand too :slight_smile: I already joined the vr party Facebook group.

Great, inbox to me. I though there is only 4 people to back this headset.

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Strange most 5k users do not see these dots or these strange lines youre seeing. Wondering why it clear as day to you.

I personally can only see the black dots when it’s on a white, orange, or blue screen and I am purposely staring at the screen door effect. They are very soft and light grey maybe even transparent but they are in not tied to the space between the pixels. Its different.

The 5k+ feels more solid latency-wise (no world wobble) but has worse blacks than 8k. I don’t personally know why people would like the softness (slight blur) of the 8k but it’s personally preference. Sort of like how some people like or dislike the anti-sde on the odyssey+.

I have done that “distance” test where sweviver said he can make our airplanes better in the distance on the 8k. And I honestly think it just blurs things more to create that effect (i sort of see the effect he is talking about) but in my opinion it’s not more pixel information from the upscaler unless you count a couple blurred pixels as more. I don’t really feel it’s adding much to immersion but maybe if you don’t have 20/20 vision you can see 3 or 4 extra blurred pixels on the outer edge of airplane? No idea.

5k+ and 8k have the same input signal as Sebastian on MRTV said, upscaler seems to only adding blur to those very few extra in between pixels and maybe edge of object. When I count the number of them it’s about the same actually (Not really worth it) I also tested on a distant face is skyrim made up of about 40 pixels on each headsett and could resolve some facial features on the 5k+ (eyebrows and eyes) which was the opposite of what I expected after swevivers video. So perhaps the blur is making things bigger and easier to see in the distance but it’s definitely not resolving it better. One you move your head and all of the pixels start updating you can resolve the features of the object better on the 5k+ (skyrim distant facial features example)

I actually feel the effect he describes with distant objects on the 8k is way less noticeable effect than say the 8k wobble versus 5k+ when you test that side by side. Sweviver says he can’t see the wobble while Sebastian can. To me its as clear as day. I have to say I am very confused as this should be pretty easy for someone like him to spot. I know some Reddit users post about the wobble it once this gets into more hands, no doubt

Anyways both have their tradeoffs. 5k+ does has the light grey/black dots (surpised sebastian can’t see them on 5k+ but they are there) and they are not on the 8k. f you place more emphasis on blacks the 8k definitely darker. Still the overall general vibe I am getting from the 5k+ is like an Oculus Go image quality and big fov (with slightly better sde than go, similar blacks, and slightly worse colors than go) which is a very good thing, the oculus go is great. I feel 5k+ is better as most of the backers meetup impressions do, but there are always those few that still like the 8k and that’s okay.


I just try VRKanojo, I recommend to try it and you will see that these black dot is terrible.

You can download the free version for benchmark.

But I accept that the clarity is very great, unfortunately never try 8k. But will wait to test by odyssey+ which have softness.

Does annyone have both 8k and odyssey+, do they have same softness and clarity?


Can you take a picture of the black dots and post it? I saw you review and in the picture it looks normal to me and im not seeing the lines and dots.


This would be immersion breaker for me…
Hope Pimax can fix that.
Might consider swapping to 8k if not fixable.

i think thats not fixable,its in the lcd panels


Can show me not zoomed in all the way? Im talking about normal distance not detective mode