5K+ or 8k: does the choice have any negative impacts on Pimax?

Most of us want Pimax to continue succeeding. I’m a little worried that if we all go for the 5K+, it will have a negative impact on revenue for Pimax.
Will our choice have any negative financial impact on Pimax?
-sorry if this has already been asked…

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I think so far its reinforcing the 5K+ as a success and so they could get a decent push on that, they are their own competition at this point with the fact they have a better alternative to the 8K. So I wouldn’t be worried… and I suspect the 8K will have a minimal launch if at all for retail and they will look towards an 8K+ in the future when iterations on hardware permit it.

I;m not sure whats going to happen. They made a mistake with the 8K by forcing us to use the builtin scalar and now everyone is ordering the 5K+ due to the much cleaner and clearer picture quality due to true native resolution… I have no idea what the engineer were thinking by upscaling 5k signal to 8K. I knew calling it “8K” was a scam from day one. You don;t get an 8K picture from a 5K signal. You get worse since the pixel matrix on the 8K LCD does not match the 5K signal pixel for pixel in any even form.

Well this might depend on number of panels purchased for the 8k & what other projects could use up the inventory.

Are you a parrot? It’s not a mistake to run natively 2 4k panels requires 2 bridgechips & 2 display inputs. The 5k was an afterthought suggested by the community.

Without this suggestion taking form no one would be having the dilemma if choice.

Both loom good but 5k requires less & has a sharper image due to native input.

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Quad uhd being called 8k is a scam like calling uhd 4k is a scam.

Proper 4k is 40962160 not 38402160.


I think Pimax knows a hell of a lot more than they are telling us, and if the 8K was indeed an albatross, we wouldn’t be talking right now, they would just be shipping 5K’s.

Although not very plausible but possible, it could be that Pimax is driven by some kind of corporate hubris and is compelled to keep the 8K on the menu. Maybe because they don’t want to poke the hornet’s nest by scrapping their commitment to the KS, or maybe they need to keep a promise to the corporate backers, maybe there’s some practical benefit to the long term goal of the 8K X to continue on with the 8K? Those are all long shots.

I get from Pimax that they are good principled people, and that they are trying to make this bird fly. I try to remind everyone that the story from the M2 backers is that they were all resigned to the 8K being a distorted mess. That was right until just before Berlin- they managed an update that was something of a magic bullet. It could be that there’s more leaps in development to come.


Shouldn’t be any negative impacts, Pimax makes money either way. Right now they have at least one solid product which is ahead of the market. Future success will depend on the 8KX which will need to be competitive with its contemporary offerings from the other big players. For example if the other headsets all support foveated rendering and 8KX doesn’t it could be a big deal. If the diamond pixel pattern turns out to be a drawback, or if the other headsets have RBG stripe OLED which looks much better. For now they are good either way, whether the 8K is a flop or not.

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I’ve been saying that Pimax should first ship the 5k then work on the 8k. The 8k was very ambitious, perhaps too ambitious. But the 5k is a success. The 5k alone is the best HMD out there.

With the release of the 2080ti and its bolstered support for VR, 8k (2x4k) might now be possible for a true 8k headset.

I say ship the 5k to everyone. All who ordered the 8k should get an upgrade to 8k native. All who ordered the 8kx should get a partial refund, or the wireless module for free.

The sales of the 5k would boost further development of native 8k (2x4k). And release the headset at the next model when it’s ready.


No, completely bollocks.

The money will be made with retail and business customers.
Backers are rather an investment and partnership to get things done the way so a good market acceptance can be reached before ramping production. There wasn’t simply the plan for so many backers initially.

Damn glad my 5K pledge that I tried to sell did not sell :slight_smile:

I do have an 8KX pledge too, which I am now tempted to change to a 5K+, then sell one of the 5K+ HMDs.

I’ll probably then buy the 8KX when it is released. My 1080Ti will no doubt be no good for the 8KX, and considering what I have heard about the 20… cards, I think I need to wait till the next generation after those before upgrading.

I think I should find out about changing my 8KX pledge.

There’s no guarantee that the 8KX will be sold retail. Personally, I’d keep the pledge.

I do think Pimax will release an 8K variant that allows for dual 4K native res display, but I suspect that it will have a scaler chip (which can be bypassed) and a single video cable. However, I don’t think it will be released until a few years in the future, once we have a video connection that can handle the bandwidth (or maybe sends a compressed signal).


Okay, you convinced me. Gonna see if I can change my 8KX to a 5K+ :smiley:

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Well consider if one not good. Once the 2080ti hit used 1080ti will be available.

Plus you will be able to use your 5k & compare to 8k loaner for yourself.

Yeah, that makes sense :slight_smile:

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