5K+ only tracks when admin?

I had some issues with my 5K+ HMD (turned out ro be caused by GPU) and so I re-instyalled all VR related drivers/software (PiTool, HTC Vive software). Now, for some reason my HMD is no longer tracked - except when I login to the admin account. When I login as admin, everything works fine. Logout, login to normal user account - no dice. PiTool keeps reporting that the HMD is not tracked (“place the helmet in the visual position of the base stations”) and Stem VR keep reporting “Searching …”. The base stations are solid blue in PiTool though, they show the green LED in real life, and are on channels b/c.

Any thoughts?

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Did you install and setup Lighthouses under admin account? If so this is an issue how windows sets up programs. @DrWilken? I think or another user debugged this issue.

If you setup two reg user accounts and setup LHes on account A account B will not track as setup is stored in User A’s account profile.

I think @Davebobman’s wiki post has some details and links on it.


Check here



Excellent! Solution was here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/pitool-seem-to-not-support-multi-users-as-expected-with-suggestion-fix/18321

Thanks Helio, this forum rocks :slight_smile:


Your very welcome! Agreed we have a very diverse community. :beers::sunglasses::+1::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


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