5K+ on a GTX980, and slowdown due to SteamVR?

My 5K+ arrived earlier today. It’s all set-up and working, and I was very pleased to find that games worked extremely well, even with my GTX 980. I had to run the games at 0.5 quality, but I could play them with large field of view without any issues, and they ran very smoothly and looked great. I tried Lucky’s Tale and Blaze Rush, and a few other games which I didn’t go into in any detail (e.g. Eve) but which seemed to work fine.

However… I then installed SteamVR, and since then, the games run like crap, even with the same settings. Does anyone know why this might be? Do SteamVR quality settings override those in Pitool? Thanks for any assistance.

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Did you check video settings in SteamVR ? I guess supersampling is too high. You have to manually override and try whats suits for the 980… Maybe 30%…

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I’ve turned all SteamVR settings down to the absolute minimum. It has no effect. It seems that just the act of installing/running SteamVR has caused frame rates to plummet. I even tried uninstalling SteamVR and Pitool and reinstalling just Pitool, but it still runs really badly. Incredibly frustrating, since it worked really well before I put SteamVR on.

This makes me wonder if SteamVR is reducing frame rates across the board, for everyone.

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Incidentally, how can I get an FPS counter? That might be useful.

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A handy tool for SteamVR games is fpsVR on Steam

Not sure on compatibility with non-steamvr apps, not tried it.


Congrats on getting your Pimax 5k!

I don’t know if this will help but I recently experienced loss of performance after a couple recent steam updates. It was absolutely horrible if it would have stayed that way I would have thrown my Pimax in the garbage. However, I was able to get back my performance by doing a complete fresh Windows 10 install and updated the PiTool to the latest Version was previously running 84. Just today playing SkyrimVR was very happy with smooth frames on my Pimax 8k.


@Fresco may have some ideas after testing 8k on 980ti.

Can you list games? And checked steamvr settings.

There are also Windows Game services like Xbox & gamebar that maybe tob3bing perf

Did you machine create a restore point?


@Heliosurge With the recent changes to Steam and all the unknown variables seems that any advice given regarding performance or settings usefull in the past you might as well throw out the window. With the performance I was getting recently on my 1080ti untill the fresh windows and PiTool install there is no way I could have achieved what I earlier did on my 980ti. I would recommend first update all drivers to the latests including Nvidia then a fresh install of everything else if @Bertram can’t get his performance back it worked for me but really kind of a pain.