5k+ more Eye/Lens Distance = Improved Image Quality

Got my 5k+ yesterday and found out that with max FOV and moving the HMD about one cm away from my eyes the picture gets ultrasharp…much better as when attached to the face. SDE also improves.
I really would like to have those distance knobs like on the vive.

Anyone else with similiar experience? Now i need to figure out how to get some more space between eyes and lenses without loosing comfort. Any ideas welcome!


I also agree.

We think about IPD as being all important adjusting while in app, but just as important is the distance from lens to eye also again must be adjust correctly for maximum sharpness, clarity, and lack of distortion.

Is there a term yet as above such as ELD? (EyeLensDistance)

With out and adjustment mech we can change the face cushion thickness or make sure the strap is not adjusted to tightly or loosely.

Maybe You can put something between the headset and the foam that comes with it. It’s easy to glue pieces of velcro on if You find something suitable.

I’m thinking a piece of foam, with velcro on both sides (male/female).

I believe they are also making a thicker piece of foam but it’s not out yet. Maybe VRCover will also make something suitable.

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just out of curiosity, you probably have a small IPD? probably even slightly below 60?
I’m asking because I have a theory that ppl with low IPD to not gain more FOV by using thinner pads,
or picture gets more blurry then. I’m ~67 and using 3mm did a lot on my Vive and a friend with IPD 60 says
picture gets way more blurry for him when using 3mm. So if you’re ~60 or even lower that may explain why your experience gets better when even adding more space between lenses and eyes.


IPD is 64, but farsighted and with astigmatism, distance seems to correct it a bit

i will ask vrcover if they have anything planned


a 0.5" sheet of memory foam could work, lay out the old face cushion an trace the outline, then cut the outline and attach with say some fugitive glue.


VRcover confirmed that they are looking into developing for Pimax HMDs :slight_smile:


Oh yes please… That basic foam is just so bad

You just need glases.