5k+, broken lens ring / cowling - how best to fix?

This is a backer 5K+, well out of warranty, it’s served me well (except for cable / casing issues, but these are separate).

I use prescription lens inserts I 3d printed, and it seems like when I smashed one of these into my face and against the right lens “ring”, it broke it. In the image below, it seems like this ring has broken in the red ring, under the fabric. It seems like it’s not actually glued to the lens piece but should be held there by the tension of the ring and some clips on the lens. But with it broken, there’s nothing keeping it clipped in. It separates from the outside edge and top too.

Any tips? I will open a ticket too.

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I would wait on support’s response. You might be able to remove lense and repair the socket with a little Epoxy(jbweld) just DONOT use any kind of super glue. An expoxy type is likely best.

But again I would wait on Support before trying a repair.

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Someone asked about exactly the same issue on reddit and I put together images of my (excellent) support experience re this for him to follow, so I may as well paste that here too.

TLDR : they have offered to send me a replacement part for a very resonable price ($10 + $10 shipping), once brexit import woes are resolved.

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