5K BE switchers Shipped?

Does anyone know the status of folks that switched to the BE? We’re those all shipped at this point?


I asked several times about the 5K BE, without an answer from officials.
in the spreadsheet so far, backer6353 is the only one who is in “shipped” status.
and backer2529 is “on the way to overseas warehouse”, which is a difference of 6 working days minimum.
45backers are in the "building"tab, which means they are not finished.
the rest of the total amount of 56backers, who switched, have not completed or confirmmed thier data for delivery.
pls. see below:
if yo are on that list contact support directly

As @anon74848233 stated: in the building tab is the 8K status incorrect, not te 5K BE.
which brings me to the conclusion that 96% not finished manufacturing and I do not expect any progress before CNY break


Do you see 6525 on there anywhere

building tab, line 1225

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Thank you! Appreciate you looking for me. I’m traveling for work.

6525 must be that VRAviator Youtuber then?