5k backer, preorder 8kx

5k backer, preorder 8kx

I’m backer 7120 and I preorder the 8kx

pimax no longer responds to me and ignores my messages …
I’ve had a lot of messages with support
Dallas. matthew that no longer answers me

I’ve sent my 5k back, three times since March,
he owes me 2 shipments $90

I no longer have my helmet !!!

and they also owe me $100 on the price of the 8kx

I’m legitimate and honest fan of vr
I’m not a child crying his toys anymore

please the community help me


Have you made a support ticket?

@PimaxUSA @sweviver

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yes of course

as I say I’ve already experienced the rma
I’ve already returned my 5k three times

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Let me get thsi right, you’ve RMA’d your headset 3 times?

Maybe @Ludiks can help you.

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We’ve been in contact about this for a while now.
I told him this week, hopefully he could get in touch with Matthew back and the VRdays are over.
But…Matthew doesnt reply me neither…


Matthew judging by another user’s post. Matthew might have been called away due to a family matter.

I have used another method to elevate this further & hopefully they get this resolved soon.


yes if it’s the case sorry,
but that does not detract from the fact that the support does not answer my questions and makes me go around in circles
it should be simple and clear,
it makes many people lose patience


Your frustration is quite understandable given the circumstances.

So hopefully this gets resolved quickly now.


yes thank you Dan
I hope too


Your quite welcome! Hopefully they can get things like this more standardized with less hassle. As this is key to ensure a good customer experience. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


Hi Virtualboy72, I’m Konger working for Pimax, sorry to hear that makes you worried as it’s no reply, Matthew left for family affairs suddenly. Let me ask Matthew for more details then answer your questions.


I am surprised that backers - after the experience with pimax - order at their shop.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my 5K+ eventhough it is a 202 black dot panel version. I enjoy it a lot.

No way in hell I would order an 8K+ or 8KX with them though. I might still pick one up but if I do I will do so with amazon because if soimething goes wrong with it I’d rather have someopne replying.

Maybe we like the adrenaline!

But in seriousness Pimax shop is only place where you can use the Upgrade plans (turn the stretch goals/BS/controllers into discount when you no longer need/want them).