4k/5k/8k Anyone tried at least 2 of these headsets? How do they compare?

I know the theoretical differences between these headsets but how do they compare to one another according to your EXPERIENCE in terms of FOV, brightness, resolution, SDE, stuttering etc?

I know there’s an SDE comparison post. But that’s a high contrast, 2 color comparison. How does the SDE compare in actual games?

Is the resolution jump between the 5k and 8k mind blowing? Or merely noticeable?

Edit: 5k clpl, not oled please. I read a review about the old oled version and it wasn’t that good compared to 8k.

I have had my Pimax 4K for approximately a year now. I tried the V2 Pimax 8K for several minutes but not on any AAA games. The standard Pimax demo apps. Besides the items you listed, as a 4K owner you really need to add “ghosting” to your list because that seems to be the biggest issue with the 4K.

Ghosting - None. No matter how fast I swung my head left and right, I saw no ghosting on the 8K! Major upgrade from the 4K.

FOV - Big improvement. Not a “OMG this is amazing” experience. But good experience. I think I needed to be in cockpit game to truly experience the benefit of a wider FOV than a program like Blu in which you really don’t have set boundaries and point of reference like you have in a cockpit.

Brightness: The 4K is a bit on the dark side. The 8K isn’t super bright but it’s much brighter than the 4K.

Resolution: The 4K and the 8K appeared very similar to me

SDE: The 4K and the 8K appeared very similar to me

Stuttering: I don’t think it would be fair comparing my 4K on my gaming rig to the 8K prototype on a notebook in this category. But from my demo, I would say they were similar. Not 100% perfect, but nearly.


Thanks a lot for your review @tomohm. It is a little surprising that you say the 8K’s 90 degrees added FOV is not an “OMG this is amazing”. I backed a 5k on KS and hoping that the FOV would blow me out of the water compared to my htc vive’s FOV. But thanks, experience says alot.

I just found out that the 4k’s refresh rate is only 60Hz. Does it make you feel nauseous compared to the 8K?

The ghosting of the 4K at times would give me a headache but I never felt nauseous with the 4K.


I see. That’s good to know.

Has anyone ever tried out the 5k clpl prototype? Has it even existed yet?