4090RTX Pimax Client - High CPU Frametimes in DCS 2.8

I get extreme Frame Times now in VR with DCS 2.8 on the CPU (5950x) from about 13ms to now 34ms.
I guess this is DCS related, but since I saw that Ismael Jordan did the Varjo with much better frame times, I wondered if it could be something else related to the Pimax Client / Rendering.

In Pause (before Flying) or in outside view this return to about 10-13ms.

Graphics settings (Shadows, SSAO etc.) seem to have no effect on the CPU Frame Time. Settings where untouched coming from 2.7 and 3090.

I did make a video showing the effect so some extend, but cpu frame times where altered from recording.
This is when entering the cockpit - before pressing “fly” or also after in cockpit und using ESC to show the menu.

This is right after “fly” and being in the cockpit - it instantly changed from 13 to 33ms

This shows the frame times also going back just by swaping from in cockpit to outside view so from 34ms to 14ms CPU Frame time

Of course I did try lots of settings - none affect how the CPU is behaving now.
I did also post it on Discord at ED but no reactions so far.


Not only VR, some flat users also complain about performance drops with 2.8. I would not eat as hot as it is cooked. That’s why it’s a beta. Also the new weather engine seems to have additional hunger on the main thread.

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True, I could understand that - but its strange that the jumps are so large and that outside view and cockpit half double frame time…
I did notice general peaks apearing more often on the CPU side, which could be understandable, I just hope the finally manage to go multicore and Vulkan before I die of old age

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No problems like that found in PimaxXR with open composite…consider that?

Just out of interest, did you encounter the issue in non OpenXR ?

I have not done much with OpenXR except the standard OpenXR a while ago, so is it the github PimaxXR repository for installation /integration or is there something integrated? What is the benefit over the standard OpenXR? (or is that just the hook to use OpenXR)

I haven’t honestly used SteamVR for DCS in over a year, no

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I just tried setting up OpenXR with PimaxXR, Open Composit and so on… I messed up MSFS and I think DCS works, but not sure how the performance is, I cant get FPSVr to run and it still feels jittery.

@MReis from the devs

„ Virtual Reality

Da mit dem Update 2.8 sich bewegende Wolken eingeführt wurden, die zusätzliche Berechnungen erfordern, haben einige von euch möglicherweise eine negative Veränderung in der VR-Leistung festgestellt. Wir untersuchen dieses Problem und werden uns bemühen, es zu beheben.“

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It seems it is a problem with shadows in the 2.8 update.

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