4090 in Taiwan for testing Crystal (MRTV)

Hi there,

this is Sebastian from MRTV! As you probably know, I am currently in Taiwan. And I have Crystal but only a laptop to run it. I am currently trying to find someone with a really beefy 4090 machine in Taiwan that would be willing to spend a couple of hours with me to let me hook up the Crystal and to try the device in its natural habitat: on a high-end system. I am in Taipei.

If you have any connections to someone in Taiwan that would fit that bill…it would be so cool if you could make a connection. Best would be via email: sebastian(-at-)mrtv.co ! (yes, no “m” at the end).

Bye, Sebastian


Hi Seb I will post a copy of your post in Bulletins. And pin this post.

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You could reach out to Morphologis, a Star Citizen streamer.

He’s in Taipei I believe and has a 4090TUF


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