3D printable Vive Wand "Joystick adapter" for games that use a virtual joystick

Ive been playing No Man’s Sky over the last week and after rebinding the controls to be more playable i got this idea for improving the “virtual flight stick”.
Coming from playing Elite: Dangerous for around 2000 hours with using a nice hotas the downgrade of using the virtual stick just didnt cut it for me.

So i came up with this:

Its a cup meant to hold a vive wand onto one of those stock adapter things cut down a bit, spliced onto the top of a u-joint, with its other end stuck to a base, with hooks and loops added to connect rubber bands as a centering mechanism, like that of a joystick.

I put it next to me on the couch and when i grab the virtual stick in my ship i just plop the end of the controller into the cup, get a fixed pivot point, increasing resistance the further i got from the center and the movement constrained to two axis so the spaceship becomes a lot more controllable.

Before i made this had to decrease the sensitivity a lot just to not be spinning around halfway uncontrollably, now ive been able to increase the sensitivity again and my dogfigthing is a lot better.

There are two version up, one with just the cup/pivot/base and the other with attachment points for rubber bands, just having the pivot is an upgrade from nothing and with rubber bands its even better IMO.

Get the files here if you want to print it for yourself: Vive wand virtual joystick base by Ziddan - Thingiverse


That’s awesome! Great innovation. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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