360 VR rotates slightly with head rotation

So here is a strange thing, before i installed Steam VR the HMD did what it supposed to do, when watching VR content, the world was locked and i was able to freely look around. After installing Steam VR to use the headset with the latest GoPro VR Player in Premiere and as a standalone VR player, my content slightly rotates ib the same direction i am rotating my head too. This of course leads to nausea and is really weird. Any ideas, turning the gyros off and use an external tracking device or maybe is it a GoPro Player problem, no idea? Must use other players to compare them. Thx, Mark PS: and weird artifacts i was talking about earlier were due to the free VR Player included in PiPlay, they are completely gone in the GoPro player, So if i get now the VR video world locked down i am a happy camper…

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Please use the Giro magnetic calibration in piplay and also I find opening the display mirror in steamvr, then click in that window… Look straight ahead and press Z on your keyboard to center steamvr window

Then try the player


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