360 degree ceiling tracking with Nolo VR

I just wonder if there is a way to use 360 ceiling tracking with Nolo VR.
Can I just replace the NoLo_USBHID.dll (C.\Program Files\Pimax\runtime) with the 360-degree dll file as in this link: https://github.com/NOLOVR/NOLO-Others/tree/master/Nolo%20supports%20the%20360%20degree%20dll%20plugin


Yuuki Forslund

The latest driver, you can change in nolovr driver. Goto “Play Mode” menu.

If has more question, let here.

The thing is that, I’m using the Pimax 4K. And to use it with SteamVR, I got to use PiPlay. And now, when PiPlay has its inbuilt NOLO-VR driver, it automatically uses its inbuilt NOLO-VR driver.
In Piplay, there is no play mode configuration… yet.


Currently, the latest version is no good for ceiling mounted Nolo tracking but Piplay 1.2.93 is recommended along with the 360 .dll.

Which 360.dll are you refering to? The one in Github-Link in the initial post is not compatible.

I think the new Piplay has 360 nolo support.

nolo sucks, actually

Hi, i want to know the same thing…

from my knowledge when the current version of pimax software is installed , it has nolo drivers in built to pimax software and will auto detect and load it so user does not have to load nolo drivers or software separately.

All is fine, only the catch is that CEILING mount is no longer supported. And if you try to replace the 180 degree DLL file with the 360 DLL file, it doesnt work. This was how it was done in the old version of pimax software.

For some reason when the new pimax software of developed they did allow for this feature, which i think is quite important as users who by Pimax4K HMD will next step buy the Nolo controllers also.

And given Nolo is standard front mount, users will eventually want to advance to ceiling mount to get full 360deg tracking vs. 180deg only, given that the new software for nolo allows for ceiling mount… but this feature is not made available when Nolo was integrated into pimax software.

a fix to the pimax software to allow user to select ceiling mount function would be awesome

says in the new BETA version 360 is now supported…
see Point 2. belwo

Piplay 2.0.7 Beta Updated date: 02/01/2018
Downloading link: MEGA

Change logs

  1. Added horizontal calibration.
    2. Added the guidance for using Nolo Suite, one key to switch between 180 degree solution and 360 degree solution.
  2. Added the usage limitation of minimum firmware version.
  3. Optimized the setup of multi-Audios output.
  4. Optimized device connection.
  5. Optimized the performance of some OC games.

Piplay 2.0.5 Updated date: 02/11/2017
Downloading link: MEGA


As I know, there was firmware upgrade to version 2.1 in NOLO. Question is, what version of Nolo firmware & drivers are supported by last piplay?
P. S. Sorry for my bad english.