2003 to 2010 Honda Element Recall

Hey folks if you own a Honda Element from 2003 to 2010 and receive a recall notice(or not in :us:) as sent in Canada.

Get your rear Frame stiffener check.

Early this week received a recall notice to have it checked. It is part of the frame that the rear trailing Arms attach to.

Today mine failed. Luckily no one was hurt as this could result in a fatality.

This is the driver side rear tire.

Wow sorry to hear that, but glad you’re OK, that’s the main thing.

My dad has owned nothing but Hondas for decades but the Element is not one we’re familiar with in the UK.


They were from my understanding based somewhat on the CRV. The frame stiffener is wear the trailing arms mount. Part of the failure would be related to salt use on roads.


great to hear nobody was hurt. The same thing happened to the BMW of my neighbour a couple weeks ago - luckily not on the highway

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Quite scary. On one plus side the Element bI have does not have the stability control; just the Abs otherwise might have been more difficult to control it.

The roads here are quite windy; so a very high probability I could have been on a curve section of road vs a straight section.

Did the Bmw also have trailing arms? Or different but similar failure condition?

Sorry, I only drive Range Rovers.

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Damn man, sorry to hear that. Very glad you weren’t hurt.

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