200 or 170 FOV What will you choose - Higher Performance over Greater FOV?

Pimax will be offering the choice of 200 FOV or 170 FOV depending on you GPU via Software option. I own a GTX 1080 Ti and won’t blink upgrading to the 11 series cards of the future so 200 FOV is fine for me. However, not everyone is in the same boat. It would be interesting to hear what people will use in any given circumstance. Opting for 200 fov with a potential performance hit, or 170 with better perfomance less FOV obviously.


You know that this is a software solution ? Everyone will be able to run both…


Anyone can make a poll. Click the gear icon in the message editor.

  • 200° FOV
  • 170° FOV
  • Whatever is fastest to implement. I want my headset ASAP.

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[Update] Oh, it’s a software option? That’s GREAT news! If the text in Elite Dangerous is too small to read at 200°, I can make it bigger. :joy:


Seems odd to present it this way then. Edit actually I misread and it does allow this.

I will be going for 170 as I only have an AND Fury at the moment.


You choose according to the game being played , I suppose anything more than 170 in some games will look too stretched or too much for your gpu


I guess this thread is bit pointless then because it really depends on what games are being played. Some games will work at 200 fov on lower spec GPUs whilst others won’t.

@heliosurge actually this thread can be kept where the question is rephrased.

Would you take 200 FOV lesser Performance or 170 Higher performance.

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“You will be free to pick a FOV option before launching each content based on your preference and graphics cards capability.”


No. Most likely not utilize the full screen as it does with 200 so think added black borders around the screen. This means less overall resolution(for the game to produce. Resolution sent to hmd still the same), less things you can see so even better perfomance.

maybe in time they will add facilitate free choice from 120 upto 200 although any less than 170 becomes more diving goggles than ski mask

Ok, so from all this i feel like i can build a speculative timeline of events.

sweviver gets headset, is delighted.

mixedrealitytv gets headset. it literally wont fucking run like anything other than dogshit on his 1070 for proper games. XD
Mixed reality lets slip his frustrations ever so slightly. XD

Issues are raised with software, dialling in fov, and face positioning /face cushioning/ nose issue raised.

Pimax assesses feedback and sends 170 degree software version for testing. Decide to have european face cusion accessory to sort nose issue.

Both sweviver and mixedreality say in videos they are now getting really excited.


I dont think they will implement a 170 degree option by using less of the display.

The whole point with something like this would be to improve quality along with compatability.

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Ok, then what you are asking for is to stretch the image, just what people where worried off before xD

Just edited to make more sense now. Higher FOV lesser performance vs lower FOV higher performance. Which is more preferable?

Would 170 offer a better looking display because of pixel fill? I seem to remember some talk like this saying limiting the fov could actually make things look nicer.

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i think that is exactly what they will do. use less of display. the alternative will make people deeply ill.

That’s only if the lenses work with it. And this 170 option is just to limit render load to the GPU, not put the dual 4K image to a different FOV through lenses.

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Until we all have super pc’s and more gpu’s can handle 200 fov without difficulties

I have a gtx 1080 probably the 200 fov will be demanding. I can opt for 170 and two years after i can install software to run 200 fov or i have to stay forever with 170?

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between this and brainwarp i dont think i have to panic upgrade from 1070 and will wait for 1180.

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