200° in PiPlay only?

Will the new 200° FOV headsets work with all SteamVR games at 200° natively, or will the game have to support it, require a hack, or have an unnatural stretching algorithm applied to it?

Piplay is always required to work, means there is no dividing into groups pimax/steamvr

200 degrees is the native FOV. in all applications. steam games already support it.

Steam games should be fine as Valve updated tge openvr api.

Now some games might have a restricted FOV but that would be more game specific.

The games being showcased are from steam: Fruit Ninja, The Lab & The Blue.

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What would happen with games in Piplay Video mode with SBS injectors like VORPX and Tridef ?? Would be only FOV configuration enough??

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I assume though that vr games released before the API update won’t necessarily support 200° without an update. Even in engines that can support high FOVs, some games on those engines may have unworkable menus and overlays (think mini maps, POI indicators, certain special effects) and visual glitches when going beyond what they were designed for.

I’m kind of expecting we’re going to need a list like widescreen and multi-monitor players use, but preferably for a handful of VR games that aren’t compatible rather than a handful that are.

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Agreed some titles in the way of memus for sure may need patches.

In game though for the most part might be fine. A game like subnaughtica may require patching as from what i understand it has a deliberate reduced FoV due to design (think you are wearing a scuba mask?)

Games generally render more than you see with off screen calls otherwise when you look left you might see the background being drawn like in old games you will often see say in a racing games in the horizon trees are “popping” in place.

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