2 Bugs with PE 0.86 Public Beta

Having two bugs with PE 0.86 Public Beta:

  1. PE “crashes” when clicking on any category “imported”, “favorite” etc. “Crashing” means: HMD closes shortly, goes back to fixed image for 1-2 seconds, then PE restarts, but UI elements don’t show up, only the background. Workaround: Clicking first on any SteamVR game mostly helps, afterwards, switching to any other UI category or element works again.

  2. Imported games don’t show up in the command line manager:

=> ETS2 is missing, I cannot add any command line parameters any more which I would need in this case to play the game in VR via PE ("-oculus" or “-openvr”).

This worked with older versions of PE flawless, at least up to 0.80. I wasn’t able to try it with 0.85 since PE directly suggested to update to 0.86.

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