12k simplified (15 characters)

it really doesnt lend itself to compete with the tiny mobile quest 3s of the world.
i assume im not the only VR-enthusiast that already has controllers and a lighthouse setup, with absolutely zero need for a batteriepowered inside-out tracking 1,5kg monstrosity with a qualcom-chip.
all my tiny heart desires is a normal, simple, lighthouse tracked headset with wide fov. just imagine bigscreen but as 12k. eyetracking would be nice but fixed foveated rendereing would work too.
or is it just me?


I agree, I would go with a minimalistic 12K. But because of required graphic power, eyetracking and FR MR features with required with good stereoscopic cams, for better integration and immersion will be kind of mandatory. I do not expect anything better than a RTX 4090 on consumer level.

But Wireless, battery powered would be an optional feature. Of course, if ready and feasible, why not!


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To begin with, the 12k was supposed to be released in Q4/2022.
It is November 13, 2023 and nothing has been revealed.
So think about a simplified 12k while the 12k promised in June 2022 has never been revealed.

I think this post should rather be named:

-Will 12k have the latest technologies in 2024?

The quest 3 has an XR2-gen2 chip, the crystal the old XR2 chip from 2022.
Qualcomm talk a XR3-chip in 2024 :flushed::flushed:

So when is the 12k release?

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12K update coming soon :tm:


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My 8kX is in a box for the deal 8kX for a 12k :heart_eyes::+1:t2::+1:t2:
I’m impatient for simulation since june 2022 when I look the 12k .
As 2017 when I look the spec 8kX :heart_eyes:

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This trade in programme is going to be a disaster for Pimax.

Instead of people paying out more from their own pocket generating money for Pimax. Pimax are deducting profit from a previous non profit headset. So Pimax get a double hit. It’s the worse business sense ever.

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Who knows. They have announced it at a pretty steep price so I am confident they accounted for the trade-in programs to still make some decent profit on those sales. So you’d rather have to pity the few customers who would actually dish out 2,5k without any discounts.
But first they need to have a product.

The problem is if Pimax artificially elevate the 12k price then it puts off people buying it. So to satisfy those in the trade in programme they alienate new buyers who simply won’t spend such a sum with Pimax.

2.5k for VR is not for me. Even 2k is not good. Look at the 8kX at 1.5k even that didn’t sell well.

I can’t wait to see what Pimax do.

This. I think Pimax made a big mistake in not going for an 8KX upgrade, same headset with better lenses and better display, nothing else.

Now they have an headset awfully expensive, awfully cumbersome, awfully overcomplicated, awfully hard to sell


Actually I think if Pimax simply upgrades the 8KX’s screen to the QLED style like the ones in Crystal, a lot of people will go buy it.


With the interchangeable lenses, I would buy it right away. I would give up some FOV (never used Large with 8KX) for a little more sharpness, we wouldn’t even need more resolution and therefore no eyetracking either


I guess, the Crystal is seen as that upgrade, regarding every feature but wide FoV, they may be right.
Oh wait, the FoV…

it’s not because it’s a whole different class of headset, more like a Quest on steroids than an 8KX, but at least Quest can be used also as a mobile headset, while Crystal is a big Quest that you will only use with your PC

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Crystal is a victim of wanting to achieve too many things.
They want inside-out tracking, eye-tracking, DFR and many more features. So they had to choose Qualcomm chips, and Qualcomm chips came with weird requirements, like battery.

In the end, we got a Crystal headset which did well in some aspect, but bad in others. The most important factor: price, was deeply impacted.

I think now Pimax should have realized that not that many people could afford $1500 VR headsets.

Meta also knew about the market, and they put the price to $500-$650, which is quite smart. This is the price range which can maximize the quantity while maintaining a slim profit. They will get the real money from the apps.

Pimax doesn’t have the luxury of a big app market to offset the price, but at least they should do some market research before going all in.

8KX is a mature product with specs and price people already loved. Upgrading 8KX to 12KX is the safest way forward. There is other way to add eyetracking and DFR features, which could be additional module for the people who want it.

So if Pimax had taken the path of upgrading 8KX to 12KX, the new headset price would have been lower, easier to implement and could have released on schedule.

Over-ambition sometimes is a good thing, but a lot of times is a bad thing. I think now most people here and in Pimax know how it turned out.

There is still chances and time left, but not that much. Meta, Pico and Apple have not yet released headsets that’s on the same level of 8KX. If Pimax can push forward with a 8KX upgrade to 12KX, which should have resolution of 12k and FOV of 200, then Pimax can still take the lead.


In defense of this we need to remember how horrible is having Valve as a partner for controllers

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That would be my dream headset!Or even better micro oled


I felt the 8kx’s 160 degrees fov was good enough for me, i agree an 8kx with better panels and lenses would have been great, plus i’d want inside out tracking + wireless. So i suppose the 12k is all that plus h-u-g-e fov (if u decide to use it all, i mostly had my 8kx on Normal or Large fov).

  • HiRes QLED panel
  • Wide FOV
  • Affordable Price
  • Mobile

You can do any of the 3 above, but you can never do all 4.

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Yes ,a 8kX with pancake lens would have been at the top of the top.
Htc would be doing such an update with a future VIVE pro3 with q-led display+pancake lenses .

quite simply🤔

Seeing the technical limitations to have a resolution of 6k per eye + an Fov of 180 in the pimax 12k with a displayport cable, why then want wireless on such a panel?
The wifi6E will not be able to display the true resolution of the headset on it, the wigi promised by pimax = More sound and image?
A pimax 12k simplified for me would be a 12k without the wireless chip, the lighthouse incorporated as standard and no battery like the 8kx/8k or the 5k+.
Because batteries are not eternal, what do we do when they are permanently broken?
Can’t you buy one on the pimax website?
How will our 12k work without a usable battery?

Sincerely .

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I don’t know if pancakes are suitable for wide FOV headsets, also they are useless if the form factor is not small, which is why Crystal uses aspherics. But they say they’ve made a lot of progress on hybrid fresnels, and I’m quite happy with my 8KX lenses, I just wish more PPD

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