10m cable + wireless?

Although I guess it’s a bit early for such question, do you think connecting the wireless module to the end of the 10m cable will work?

Why would you want to do that? The entire point of the wireless module is so you won’t have to use long cables anymore.

5m cable in “work” room with PC next to the simpit, 10m cable to living room connected to the wireless module for roomscale jaunts with extra base stations.

Ah that’s quite the interesting setup you have planned! Although I’m doubtful it will work too well since they haven’t even confirmed if the 10m cable will have the same performance as the 5m. Getting the Pimax 8k to run over a wireless signal is going to be incredibly hard, so I’m not too optimistic about with working at an acceptable rate with wireless + such a long cable.

Too early to tell. But i would say probably not viable to connect to cable as the output/input will likely have limited power & require to be connected with minimal distance to the headset. The base station? Maybe but won’t know anything really at the earliest near when its ready for release.

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Even if someone would say cable and wireless in same line is contradictory, I would like to share info how current proven Wireless VR solution TPCast work. *Not saying it will be used in solution Pimax use.
For TPCast you need 60Ghz router + 60Ghz receiver mounted on HMD. Cable to router is Ethernet cable I guess, 10Gbps variant, that goes to PC LAN port. If this cable can be 10m who knows, DP nor HDMI cables are not used at all.
Also for tracking data regular Wifi is used, 2.4/5Ghz since 60Gig band is unidirectional(with this implementation, I guess to increase throughput), it only sends Video data to HMD (compressed also).
So you must be in range of WiFi and WiGig and limited by Ethernet cable used for WiGig router.
Hope this will help someone to get idea how complicated is current solution for Wireless PC VR…
EDIT: Ok you need to connect HMD and 60Gig receiver, so there is short DP cable there, forgot to mention. Also this receiver is powered by battery, so you need also battery, that will power HMD and receiver.

Having recounted bricks I figure I can live with 8m, so if Pimax make a good breakout box 3m to it + 5m to transmitter should cover the distance. I hope, but I guess we’ll wait and see.