$100 coupon is now a stretch goal

Purchased a 8k+ recently opting out of my stretch goals.

After recently being informed I could use my $100 coupon that I have from downgrading from my previous purchase of the backer 8k to 5k+, on items made by pimax. I informed the support I would like to upgrade my SMAS that I purchased with my new 8k+ to a DMAS with my $100 coupon. Pimax response was that, seems I opted out of my stretch goals to purchase the 8k+ then I no longer have my $100 coupon. Is this true? I didn’t think the $100 coupon was a stretch goal? If that is the case then purchasing the 8k+ as a backer was not a good deal after all

Same here, imho the $100 coupon is not a stretch goal

No deal is a good one. Can’t spend the funny money coupons if you want to unless you want more of something you already have or immersion crushing hand tracking.

Can’t use it on wireless or eye tracking.

Here’s $100 worth of foam that will cost you $50 in shipping… Going to probably sell my code to some poor poor sap.

Even “funnier”: