1.1.92 2k support

What am I missing here? If I select 2k support the headset won’t be detected properly, the software detects it but no picture. This happens in both Pimax and extended modes. If I change it back it works again. I am removing the usb between changing it but no matter it doesn’t seem to work…

Your GPU does not support 2K at 60hz.I had this problem with a GTX 580…so I switched to a GTX 980 ti :smile:

I have a GTX 970 which does support 2k@60Hz, I will be upgrading to the 1080ti as soon as I can get my hands on one :smile:

So are there any settings in the Nvidia app to get this to work? When I change it sure enough the resolution changes in the Nvidia app to 2560 x 1440 60Hz but no picture on the Pimax. Only way to get picture is by turning 2k off…

Can anyone help? I’ve upgraded to a GTX 1080 and I still have the same problem. If I select 2k I get no picture, if I disable the onboard GPU then I get extended mode only but picture works. If I enable the onboard GPU I get both pimax and extended but no picture, I went into debugging and it’s showing the HD 4600 instead of the GTX 1080, nothing is plugged into the onboard GPU. How can I force pimax to use the 1080 instead of HD 4600?

Figured it out, seems weird though. I was using the front HDMI port on my PC that is routed through to the HDMI on my GTX 1080. It works with my screen but for some reason PIMAX disagrees with it. Plugged into my display port adaptor and it works fine, plugging directly into HDMI works as well so it must be something to do with the HDMI extension cable within my case.