1.1.174 Updating Instruction

Attention: This Piplay version needs to use the latest Firmware(, and then you can use the newest functions. If your Firmware is lower than 194, you can’t connect you Pimax with your PC. So please update your firmware when you see the firmware update window.

Piplay updating instruction:
1, Newest Pimax mode, compatible with the Steam VR platform’s game.
2, Mode switching optimization, optimize the user experience.
3, New setting mode (top right corner), including the IPD setting, color setting, languages switching, boot automatic selection, location setting and some new functions.
4, Game categorization, you can easy to switch your mode between Pimax mode, extend mode and direct mode.

Detailed instructions:
Instructions of compatibility

Extend mode: Extend mode is compatible with OC 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 games, support LiveViewRift, Maxvr player(Some games do not support Windows 10).
Direct mode: Direct mode is compatible with OC 0.7, 0.8 games.
Pimax mode: Pimax mode is compatible with Steam, OChome platform. We suggest to use the Simple VR Video Player (Steam platform).

PC supposition instruction:
Piplay will opens the modes if your PC fulfills the condition:
Having integrated graphic and can not close it (laptop): Only supports Extend mode
Without integrated graphic, only has NVIDIA graphic, drive version is between 358.70-362.00: Supports Extend mode, Direct mode and Pimax mode.
Without integrated graphic, only has NVIDIA graphic, drive version is over 362.00: Supports Pimax mode and Extend mode.
Without integrated graphic, only has AMD graphic, latest drive: Supports Extend mode, Direct mode and Pimax mode.

Updating FAQ
Piplay updating instructions:
Auto-update. When you open Piplay, it will check by itself if it needs to update. If you haven’t update it for a long time, please open Piplay as administrator, it will check and update by itself.

FW updating instructions:
FW updating needs 2-3 minutes. If you take a long time such as more then 5 minutes, you can do it like this:
Reason: Some system’s user need to install the latest USB drive (STMMicroelectronices DFU Device driver)
Solution: Please download and install the STMMicroelectronices DFU Device driver and Microsoft run-time and try again.


My friend gave me a lot of tools. Why don’t your company share it to us?

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Oh? Could u tell me what kind of tools?

Such as the tool can change the resolution,

can play OChome’s games

OChome will disable the Extend mode, you need to tell us. Because OChome just can run in direct mode or Pimax mode.
My friend gave me the tool which can play the OC home’s game, and he said it is useful for the OChome’s games. But I don’t have enough money for these games.


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Maybe if the company has the tools to change the screen:
shape (like DK1 OC), distance IPD realtime, position scren on display all direction, scale and resolution,
ps. I suppose what is the cause of “Blur at the center of the screen” and “depth perception” in some cases
I need tools to confirm or exclude it

ps. Quality of the lens is perfect. You can check this close one eye and focus on center of the screen. impressive

zyyzyyzyy1, Thank you for posting this release information. It really helps us users understand and use the pi better!

1.1.174 works perfect!!!

Nothing is working: Pimax mode , AMD 290 and Steam don’ t work together. I’ m using the latest drivers. When I start Steam to open any a game. the Computer brakes down with a Blue Screen. I’m waiting now for one day to get help via Teamview. But nothing happens.
When I start in Direct Mode the game is shown on the monitor, but not in the Headset. I see only the HUD dashes of Project cars, the rest is grayscaled huge room.
But at least, it don’ t break down.
All in all until today it’s a huge disappointment.
Hope they will find one day o correct solution for all the bugs in their software/ devices

I’m so sorry that our company’s web is down today. I’m trying to contact u. Thank you for your waiting.