0.6 Beta question

Hey @SweViver, would be you be willing to share what the planned/hopeful updates are for version 0.6?


Most of the updates will be fixes of issues and bugs. Armin and I have now spend probably more than 100 hours on changing the code, functions etc to make them more stable and reliable. Many issues have been fixed such as unexpected exceptions, and also the occasional left/right eye flicker ia gone.

Apart from that, the command line argument feature is added, we re-wrote the mouse camera handler, changed recentering (not recentering headset anymore, but only UI, mouse etc), added some animations, changed the way games are launched (in code) and greatly improved performance overall.

Armin has still a lot of work to do to re-arrange the project (aimed upcoming versions beyond 0.6), but once thats done, it will be way easier and faster to add new features and customizations.


Awesome news :+1:t3: Can’t wait to use it! I hope Pimax realizes how valuable of an asset you two are working on. It’s what they’ve always needed.


Thats awesome news ^-^

I’m not sure if anyone suggested this, but you know most of the slider settings? Would you also add a + & - feature as well.

Cause incase we somehow adjusted things to far on some of the settings when we dont mean to, when using the controllers, mouse that kinda thing. It would make things more simplier when we are only doing a small tweak adjustments like IPD, or graphics settings etc