ZED Mini Compatibility

Will pimax 5k be compatible with this ar add on?

The ZED Mini comes with mounts that fit HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, so someone would have to hack together their own Pimax mount. But other than that, ZED Mini doesn’t care what headset you have - ZED Mini is about supplying video and depth data (and optionally motion tracking) to VR software. So for example, a developer using the Unity game engine to make VR apps (like me) can use the ZED Mini SDK to have their Unity app receive (and display) the stereo video feed from the camera, and create geometry in the app based on what the ZED Mini sees, so the app can interact with the data and insert 3D objects into the scene that interact with the world geometry. In addition, the app can choose to enable ZED Mini’s motion tracking, ignoring the headset’s native tracking, allowing for inside-out tracking.

One thing to note, though - the ZED Mini’s FOV is slightly smaller than an Oculus Rift/Vive FOV, which means it will be far smaller than PIMAX FOV. So for PIMAX, the best ZED Mini AR apps will be ones that have the user first scan their environment, then the app recreates the entire environment in 3D rather than displaying it live. That will allow the user to use the full FOV, as long as they don’t stray out of the scanned area. Also, the ZED Mini’s resolution per eye is 720p, so quite a bit lower than the PIMAX resolution.

I have preordered a ZED Mini for myself, so I’m hoping someone makes a good mount for it.

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Thank you. Great answer.

The FOV of the ZED is smaller than the FOV of the Rift. I can’t see this being an all that great expeirence with 200 FOV.

Now this is exactly what was hoping for in VR games.

I imagine standing on the porch in my garden watching soldiers climb over the fence/hill and hide behind the shed/tractor etc.
Like playing ARMA in your own back yard but for vReal!

Bring it on!