You can download Pimax SDK from here now!

Some people ask us for the SDK, I have already uploaded it just now. So you can download it here now!


This is a beta version, and you need to install Piplay first, and then you can open it.
Thank you so much!
Pimax Team


Thank you. The download is a .RAR file that contains an .EXE. Running the .EXE file creates an “Sdk” subdirectory in the PIMAX directory. The Sdk directory contains 3 subdirectories: “Include”, “Unity_plugin” and “Unreal4_plugin”. Could you explain what you mean about the need to install PiPlay first before it can be opened? I was able to open it on a system without PiPlay installed on that system.

Is there any documentation for the SDK? All I see are a few Readme files in the subdirectories but they are not in English. Is there a translated version available as well as other documentation?

Thank you

Could we get an answer to this please?

Piplay must be installed because the SDK referenced to the part of Dll is installed by the piplay

What about the documentation?

I’m so sorry that I’m not the engineer.:joy:

That’s OK. Can you ask the engineers for the documentation?

Is there any newer version Plugins?
UE4.14.3 cant read it.
and cant rebuild automaticaly :frowning: