Xunshu said update this week?

@anon23564932, you said you will give us more info this week, your holidays are over, can we get the update now please? I mean come on already, so many delays, such tease, just give us some news that you will start deliver the headset by the end of this month…

Don’t worry, we’ll probably get one tomorrow. Remember Pimax is in China, so our Thursday is their Friday.


Wait wut? What does this mean by “our thursday is their friday”?

He’s talking about the International Dateline…

[quote]International Dateline
The International Date Line sits on the 180º line of longitude in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and is the imaginary line that separates two consecutive calendar days. It is not a perfectly straight line and has been moved slightly over the years to accommodate needs (or requests) of varied countries in the Pacific Ocean. Note how it bends to include all of Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Tokelau in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Immediately to the left of the International Date Line, the date is always one day ahead of the date (or day) immediately to the right of the International Date Line in the Western Hemisphere. [/quote]

My boss is in China and I’m in the US. When I talk to him on the phone at 10:00pm, his time zone is the morning of the next day.


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Give it a rest please…


Unfortunately, that seems highly unlikely at this point. Given what little we know, I think there’s going to be an M2. The wait is frustrating, but I want a GOOD headset, so I’m willing to wait.


Yhea not gonna happen. If the M1 would be in a good spot we would at least get this as information. So no information means there are obvious flaws that need to be fixed.

By the time M2 will be ready, we’ll already have gen2 headsets and Pimax late to the party. We need it now and no more delays and to be good! Please @anon23564932


Please expand on what timeline you base these assumptions on.

There are no indications of a gen2 HMD release byeond the Pimax8K within the next 12 months or so whatsoever, with Facebook stating that a CV2 shouldn’t be expected before the end of 2019 at the earliest.

I for once prefer the best prodcut Pimax can possibly produce within a reasonable timeframe. The purpose of M1 beta testing is to enable Pimax to achieve exactly this.


I’ve been here on this forum since day one trying to push for this 8K device and I’m about to give up on it. Your absolutely right. By the time it’s finally working and available there will be far better options available. Pimax will be lucky to get ahead for 6 months. If Oculus do no more than announce a Rift 1.5 with the Go lenses and those fantastic new OLED’s Samsung announced a year ago it will be streets ahead of CLPL clarity

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Yes, this is what we wished would have happened. What Pimax certainly wished would have happened. But there is this ugly thing called reality. It appears that Pimax have to choose between option 1 and option 2.

Option 1: we get it now and no more delays and it is - apparently generally okay but still with kinks

Option 2: we get it later and with more delays and it is - good !

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty impatient too, otherwise I would not be checking the forum as often as I do. But at this stage there is not much point in pushing them - you can be quite certain that they are currently working their behinds off to fix all the issues or suggestions the beta testers are bringing up (at least where they feel these are justified and feasible).

At the same time, there is no imminent threat from another manufacturer just about to launch another next gen headset. Oculus almost certainly won’t do so during OC5, I rather expect the Rift 2 to be announced during OC6 in 2019. There could be a surprise announcement by any manufacturer at any time of course, but if I were Pimax at this stage I would not release a sub-par production version I know I could have done better just in order to save 1-2 months.

This is frustrating for the backers at this point in time. But while that frustration will go away, the joy of a hopefully higher polish on the 8K will remain for much longer.


All depends on what the kinks are.

Fair enough but lets look at this realistically. From the time Pimax have the 8K in stock ready to buy to the launch of the next Rift or LG headset. They wont be ahead for long as there are far better panels in the works than this CLPL junk. Samsung already announced 2K x2K Oled’s a year ago so there’s no knowing when they might eventuate in a product. They could be sitting in something ready to launch right now for all we know. Look at how quickly the Vive pro launched. No time pissing about teasing prototypes that never work. Nobody even predicted the odyssey was in development


In 2019 there is not GEN 2 VR headset.


I am sure I could go back to February and read posts warning of superior competitor products releasing in summer 2018 if Pimax delay the 8K for more than 1-2 months after the original January schedule.

Of course, anything can happen. And sure, the 8K will likely not be the best on the market in 2020.

But do we agree that there is no better product having been announced as a consumer version with a release date yet ? So all of that anxiety is based on guesses, expectations, assumptions of what may be, what could be ?

I certainly do hope Pimax are not managed like that. You do not rush your product out the door while you (and your critical testers) are not yet sufficiently convinced of its quality unless you have specific evidence of a necessity to do so - which currently there is none.

But reading that sort of thinking process let’s me understand why sometimes one can see completely fucked up games or products being released nevertheless - so far I had only put it down to simply running out of money. Of course such products in the reviews will then get what I like to call the “Pimax at CES” treatment, i.e. the equivalent of getting waterboarded in public. If that was your release version of your product - well, then your product and company are floating dead in the sea after that…
If I was managing a company and had not yet ran out of money, I would know what (not) to do.

Let’s just hope that the wait will not take another 2 months. And I wonder if they intend to repeat the closed beta with an eventual M2. That will likely depend on the kind of improvements, how substantial the issues were and how complicated the resolution of them is.


I could live with small errors

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Don’t worry, you will have to. Even with the refined version being released perhaps only in 1-2 months from now.

The question is rather, are there any issues big enough to warrant that they should be addressed prior to release of the 8K.
Here it may be the case, that Pimax felt the M1 was good enough for production, but the beta testers disagreed and suggested a list of issues to be addressed in any case (plus surely a whole bunch of nice-to-have’s).


What would be a last possible release date?

Something like 3 months before a release of a type of next gen competitor HMD? 6 Months?

This week mean Mon-Friday, but now is only thursday. So may be wait until tomorrow and if no any update, ask her again.