XSOverlay is awesome on the 8kX

Yes this app.

Allows saving multiple profiles, supports multiple monitors, has an efficient grab and drop interface, and can curve the screens (especially helpful for large workstations). Only thing missing is command line arguments (AFAIK).

For me, this has replaced WorkInVR (which in my experience be difficult to reposition).

By the way, this post was also written from within an 8kX.

EDIT: On top of all that, positioning within SteamVR Home environments is usable. Nice.


So what does it do?


I¨ve been not really using ovrdrop because it wasn¨t very intuitive to place windows and not really possible to maniåulate them from inside vr. this is better?


By the way, this post was also written from within a pre-release 8kX.

Fixed it for you!


@TrevorVR Basically creates 2D overlays (well technically 3D if you use curvature) of your desktop monitors.

@BNP For most applications, it is at least on par with OVRDrop. Certainly, you don’t have to worry as much about which version you are using, and the windows are easy to place.

@davidmi58 I only make that distinction when referring to functionality that is obviously subject to change, or showing the headset in video clips and such. The resolution of the headset is pretty much set in stone…

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Yes, sir. Just kidding around with you.


What do you think of Daily OVR on Steam on the 8KX? Also comparing this to the other solutions you tested. It is offered as demo, free or paid version.

Cheers, Alex.

@MR-Alex DailyOVR did not seem to support layout saving/loading when I tested the paid version a few days ago.

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