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I like pimax FOV, even lenses are ok for me after all tinkering. But well guys you really miss OLED sector here, you did an attempt with 5kXR, used modern Samsung Panels & you failed with it, afaik sells are really low & probably you considered it coz OLED has bad SDE (coz LCD is better) & probably you don’t look to OLED now as a senior competitor. But it’s not because of OLED, it’s because of terrible 5KXR implementation, really it looks dull & panel not configured in firmware right + panels utilisation is bad as well.

Check 5kXR/5k+ impressions & my conclusions here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/5kxr-5k-impressions/28669

If Pimax would be able to achieve what HTC Vive Pro did (in terms of screen & picture quality) & with all other features your HMDs currently have (including weight, lenses, housing, etc) it will be a really hit device. You probably just don’t know how people love OLED screens due to this immersion feeling.

Im not against the LCD line, but I don’t use it myself & I have 13 HMDs now (recently got HTC Vive PRO + 5KXR).

Really if you have a great product it will make you more attracting in terms of sells.

Just buy amHTC Vive Pro headset, latest revision & check the screen out, if you can do the same but with FOV, I will buy it first day it roll outs. Pro is 2880 X 1600, FOV is about 100 horizontal. So if we have a Pimax FOV equal to 170 horizontally then resolution should be 2880 * 1.7 = 4896 or 2448 with the same panel utilisation as in Vive Pro. You already have a HMD (5kXR) with 5120 or 2560 per eye, but due to magnification & panels utilisation it looks significantly worse, on top of it you limit panels capabilities in firmware (hue, saturation, NITS) & it feels twice worse. The state 5KXR is currently in is awful. It looks terrible. The sells thing is not coz OLED is bad but it’s coz your XR is really bad. The only great features I found in XR are settings for pitch black + contrast management to adjust very dark environment to eliminate black crush.

Really just buy HTC Vive Pro & make 5kXR new edition with visuals the same as in Pro but with XR’s FOV.
Also important note is HTC’s immersion, by some reason it really looks like Im in another place, I feel depth.

It’s not only about software & panels but probably they also use some film on top of screen to reduce SDE a bit (not so aggressive a in O+) but Im not sure about this one as first Vive Pro device I tried was a 2018 model & I bought new HMD myself couple of weeks ago & it looked significantly better.

Well if you’re not interested in bringing new OLED HMDs, common on guys just finish XR visuals properly, give us colours saturation, NITS & hue, I know panels can do it. Don’t make the HMD be a total garbage please. Assign some devs to task, give them HTC Vive Pro as reference for comparison (what people want) & expose NITS, saturation settings to pitool so we can achieve the same & configure it on our own for our XRs.

Also please note reddit poll about LCD background backlight - https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/h83odx/backlight_brightness_lcd_option_poll/ people really miss vivid & vibrancy. It affects your reviews, sells & budget, just fine tune projects you already have.

We buy XR headsets, we want to support it even if we know it’s awful (I have read a lot of bad reviews about it but still bought it).


cc @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra


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