X plane11 Pimax 5k+ no image

Cant get x plane 11 to initilize vr inside the hmd
i can only use the hmd gyro and controllers and see that on my monitor
inside the hmd is just the steamvr startscreen
i use the latest drivers pitool , nvidia etc
anyone els had the same problem?

i found this in the xplane log

0:01:23.972 I/OVR: Initializing VR Subsystem.
0:01:23.972 I/OVR: This device does NOT have a proximity sensor.
0:01:50.973 I/OVR: Shutting Down VR Subsystem.

are you using Pitool version .121?

Pitool v. 121 does not work with Xp11.

If you do, uninstall it and install Pitool. 112

Version .112 does work.

omg thanks i will try this asap

thanks it works but now the vive controllers dont work
i can use them but buttons dont work in the meny settings use the mouse is just pain

is the ready config files for vive controllers?
or dont use any ? just ignore the message need calibrate ? no joystick found
i dont have a joystick want to use vive controllers only

Before entering VR mode, make sure you mapped a keyboard/mouse to “Toggle VR Mouse” so you will be able to map your controllers. Unfortunately we can’t map them in 2D mode.

Not sure how to map anyone shares a ready vive file ?
And need map 2 controllers are they aapvr aapvr?

Yes these are their names.
If you need mapping example I can upload later an image.

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I would be happy if you can

Sorry it took me some time, was buissy yesterday.

How to set up your xp11 controllers:
First make sure to “enable VR Mouse Cursor” in VR settings. Do not enable VR mode yet.

In keyboard settings, search for “VR” and bind some keys to the “Toggle the 3-d mouse cursor in VR”.

Now enable VR mode.

Move your mouse and validate you see its pointer in the VR space. Use it to open the Joystick settings. Pick one of the controllers “aapvr” and map it as follow:**
Left column:
Axis 0: VR Touchpad X
Axis 1: VR Touchpad Y
Axis 2: VR Trigger

Right Column:
Button 1: “Btn 0 reserved: VR menu button”
Button 2: “Btn 1: Reset VR view”
Button 3: “Btn 2: Reserved: VR Select Trigger Button”
Button 4: “Btn 3: Reserved: VR Select Trigger Button”

Now the second controller:
Left column:
Axis 0: VR Touchpad X
Axis 1: VR Touchpad Y
Axis 2: VR Trigger

Right Column:
Button 1: “Btn 0 Temporarilly and Quicly zoom in while in VR”
Button 2: “Btn 1: Toggle the 3D mouse cursor in VR”
Button 3: “Btn 2: Reserved: VR Thumbstick/Touchpad Button”
Button 4: “Btn 3: Reserved: VR Select Trigger Button”

Please remember that this is my preference, and sometime I alter “Button 2” for special cases, like full Beta or such for specific planes profiles.

Unfortunately I could not take screenshots, but I hope it is clearer.
Once you map your controllers, play with them and decide which mapping suites you most. Some mapping seem to be mandatory and some not.

Hope this helped


thanks it helped. but the game is very glitchy in vr or because of the pimax i dont know.
i have max level texures but scenery seems lowest low

thank you from me.

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I’ve been looking high and low for the right settings for the controller thanks for posting this.

What settings in PI Tool (render) and Steam SS are you all using for xp11? (1080ti here)…

I see many list their settings but dont say if its the applicaton slider (normally at 100%) or the video override checkbox (normally not checked) or both for instance?

Thank you for your teaching!
Can you tell me how to add rudder control without deleting the other settings you suggest?
Thank you

Hi @mhl153

Rudder is an issue if you are only using VR controllers in X-Plane.
So far I did not find away to manipulate the “pad” controller (on vive) to more than one action, this is why I suggest to invest in simple HW rudder.

For planes, I stick to full VR controller handling as much as possible and I use the “Pro Flight Rudder Pedals” which are sufficient for my needs and I think not too pricey (depends where you buy it from).
This way I can seat away from table and fully handle the plane.

For Helos I use Joystick for pitch/yaw and Nostromo 52 (an old keypad like) for cycling (mostly need for up/down) and the HW rudder (if I had a dedicated throttle I would have probably use it for cycling).
In Helos configuration I seat next to the desktop while using the VR controllers to do minimal interactions with the gauges.

My 2 cents, in VR you need as little keyboard/mouse interaction as possible, therefore you need few simple hardware mechanics to compensate the lack of VR controllers mappings.


This probably one of the most touchy area when settings any game with Pimax, especially with X-Plane. Currently I’m using the latest Beta drivers (v1.0.1.129) but my “gold” standard is the ability to read from the G1000 on the stock Cessna 172 without leaning too much. Once I find the right settings, I can then tune the other graphical settings. Basically I’m trying to reach a steady 36 FPS since I’m using 72hz.
The utility I’m using is “fpsVR” which shows me the GPU vs CPU usage. In most cases my CPU is not working as hard as the GPU, so even my 4.7ghz CPU is enough while my GPU is hard copping with the render pipeline.
Worst, when I use 3rd party scenery / planes the FPS tanks due to GPU usage and not the CPU. Hence, if you really want to enjoy X-Plane with VR, you will have to stick as much as possible with stock scenery (I don’t do that and I suffer the performance hit :grinning:)

Last, I really hope that with the arrival of Vive Index, LR will support natively 2 screens and Pimax head set will also benefit from it.

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What settings have you settled on in steam/pimax and xp11 so far that give you the most avg performance?

and… can I import the desktop with vive like this ?

Thank you


There is the Move VR by the same person who wrote AviTab.

I use the Move VR Just to be able to watch YouTube while flying but you can bring any window to the VR view if it is not accelerated by graphics card (You can disable acceleration in Chrome and use it in VR, for example).

You should also give a try to AviTab add-on, gives tablet like functionality right into your VR cockpit.

I mainly use these two for casual flying and Mission-X plugin (disclosure, I wrote Mission-X).


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@markm75 - That is what I was afraid of, everyone perceive differently and the settings changes from plane to plane or scenery to scenery.
For example, yesterday I flew in Flyinside from KSEA and landed not far to the south (~50nm). I wanted to do the same in X-Plane to see the difference. I used stock scenery and stock Barron 58. Since the Barron is old school steam gauges, I used the following settings:

  1. PP + SmartSmooth (SS)
  2. 72hz
  3. Render Quality: 1.0

Steam VR

  1. 100% (resolution: 3852x3290)

X-Plane settings

  1. Visual Effect: Medium (not using HDR)
  2. Texture: Quality: Max
  3. World Objects: Medium (or low depends on performance)
  4. AA: x2 (or x4 depends on performance)

As you can see almost stock settings.
The plane looked good, everything was readable, performance almost consistently: 36fps (with SmartSmooth).

But If I’ll use the Cessna 172 with G1000, I’ll probably crank the PiTool Rendering between 1.5 to 2.0 and decrease other x-plane settings.

What I did find, and it is not really surprising, is that moving the pilot view a little closer to the gauges can solve most of the reading issues from the G1000 even for smaller fonts, the only issue is to place your view somewhere that won’t hinder your stick manipulation with the VR Controller. I wonder if LR could create a shortcut to set your preferred pilot view in VR and not just set it hard-coded in some file or in “acf” file.


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